I’m already a fan of Kabook personalized children’s books, because they allow you to insert your own child into the story — name, characteristics, favorite stuffed animal, even a photo. What better way to get kids excited about reading than seeing themselves literally as the hero in their own book?

But I’m even more impressed to learn that Kabook is now offering a gender-neutral personalized book option for every one of the titles that they offer.

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Kabook personalized children's books now offer a gender-neutral option

Kabook personalized children's books now offer boy, girl, or gender-neutral options

While most personalized books — some of which are quite good! — allow you to choose between boy or girl, Kabook’s gender-neutral option inserts the world child in the text where normally you’d find boy or girl, and uses they in lieu of he/she.

So simple, and yet it will be really meaningful for so many families.

You can find a few genres of books at Kabook, like the beautifully illustrated Save the Kingdom book above, a new silly story about escaped monsters, and even a sweet keepsake book for a newborn or toddler.

Kabook personalized children's books are now all available with boy, girl, or gender-neutral personalization

Kabook personalized books make great baby gifts, and now come in gender-neutral options as well as boy/girl

I think is a great way to be inclusive of kids who are figuring out their gender identities, or to respect a special non-binary child who wants to see themselves identified in the books they read too. The “We Hope You Remember” book also makes a creative baby shower gift for parents-to-be, whether or not they know the baby’s sex just yet.

And of course, there are still classic boy/girl options too. Because more inclusivity is never a bad thing.

Build your own personalized adventure with Kabook personalized children’s books that include a new gender-neutral option