We’ve been huge supporters of the incredible makers over at Etsy for years. In fact, they started right around when we did, which was a great overlap with our mission to support indie makers, and particularly, women-run companies.

Our readers know we’ve featured their gifts in our holiday gift guides of all kinds, our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift guides, and basically just all over our site throughout the years.

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So we’re thrilled to learn that starting right now, Etsy’s has become the first global ecommerce company to completely offset all carbon offsets from shipping.

Essentially, Etsy will purchase carbon offsets for 100% of the emissions generated by the shipping of items purchased from their site. This is major. And to encourage other e-tailers to do the same, yesterday they even offset the 55,000 metric tons of CO2 from the entire US ecommerce industry.

That gives us a damn good reason to want to support Etsy shops even more today.

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Etsy's carbon offset initiative: sustainable wooden toys at Smiling Trees Toys

Personalized sustainable wooden toys at Smiling Tree Toys


Etsy's carbon offset initiative: Makeup removal pads at TuneeManee

Zero-waste reusable makeup removal pads at TuneeManee on Etsy

This isn’t just a publicity stunt by the way. They’ve already achieved their zero-waste goals as a corporation, and by 2020, their campus will be 100% generated by renewable energy.

But now that they’ll purchase carbon offsets through their partner 3Degrees to offset 98% of shipping emissions, they’re taking it a step further.

And no, you won’t have to pay any more for it. All of this comes at no cost to their customers.

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Secret message lockets by Dearest Mine on etsy

Secret message locket necklaces from Dearest Mine on Etsy

Etsy's carbon offsets initiative: No Straw vinyl sticker at M Tam Does Art on Etsy

No Straw Please laptop sticker from M Tam Does Art on Etsy

We’ve been so proud to support the indie artists and makers at Etsy for years, and now there’s one more reason to shop here instead of a big box stores. In fact, we’re really hoping that other major players we also shop from (like one whose names might be the same as a well-known rain forest that could use some protecting) will follow suit.

Well done, Etsy. We’re proud to be your customers.

Etsy will be supporting the UPM Blandin Native American Hardwoods Conservation Project, the Giriraj Wind Power Project, the Solar Grouped Project by ACME and the Meridian Magnesium SF6 Reduction in the Automotive Sector through their carbon offsets.