So, imagine this: You’ve had the flu but you’re feeling much better, so you leave your house to go grab some food, but suddenly start coughing. You think nothing of it until you suddenly get the worst headache you’ve ever had in your life, one that will take over nine months to get rid of. That’s exactly what happened to Andi Buchanan, who you probably know best as the bestselling author of Daring Book for Girls. On this episode of Spawned, she shares her harrowing journey from cough to headache, and finally to a Spinal CSF Leak diagnosis, all of which she chronicles in her new memoir, The Beginning of Everything.

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More about Andi’s book, The Beginning of Everything 

The Beginning of Everything, a new memoir by Andi Buchanan | Spawned Podcast episode 144


Andi’s book, which was recently nominated for the prestigious PEN/E.O Wilson Prize for Literary Science Writing, chronicles her personal health journey, from diagnosis, through treatment, all while she navigates an impending divorce and life as a newly single mother. She speaks frankly about having to advocate for herself as a reliable narrator, something she touched on with humor in her recent McSweeney’s piece Diagnosis Female.

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