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Tens of thousands kids are devoted fans New York Times best-selling Mercy Watson chapter book series from two-time Newbery Medal winner Kate DiCamillo, and popular children’s illustrator Chris Van Dusen — after all, who can resist the crazy adventures of a pig who can foil a robber, squeeze into a tutu, or drive a car?

Well now there’s a brand new picture book from the duo, to introduce Mercy the Pig’s outrageous exploits to a younger audience:  A Piglet Named Mercy.

This wonderfully illustrated book brings to life the origin story of Mercy, who grows to bring constant adventure, unpredictability and fun to the lives of the very ordinary (perhaps too ordinary?) Mr. and Mrs. Watson.

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A Piglet Named Mercy: The latest title from Kate DiCamillo is the origin story of the Porcine Wonder in a picture book made just for younger kids (sponsor)

A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo and Chris Van Dusen Introduces Mercy's origin story to younger readers in this new picture book (sponsor)

Mercy’s older fans and their parents will love learning more about the Porcine Wonder — like how she joined the Watson family, and how in the world she came to love buttered toast in the first place —  while getting to more about other favorite characters like Eugenia and Baby Lincoln.

Early readers will be thrilled to be introduced to Mercy in a format that’s perfect for kids 4-8.

It’s a terrific gift for avid early readers, for grandparents who need a new bedtime story to keep in their stash, or even for a reluctant young reader to help them finally discover the joy and adventure to be found in great books.

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