As a devoted Game of Thrones fan who’s waited two loooooong (oh God it’s been so long) years for the final season that premieres this weekend, I’m scouring the web for basically anything GOT. The last thing I expected to find: AĀ Game of Thrones makeup collection from Urban Decay.

You’ll find a crazyĀ Game of Thrones 20-shadow pop-up palette inspired by the jewel tones, neutrals, and metallics of Westeros, to let you “declare your allegiance to House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark” but at this point, I’d say, “go Team Living People.”

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones: Looks inspired by the houses of Westeros

I will say from a shadow standpoint alone, I am partial to the Targaryen palette of purples, golds and coppers, with names like StormbornĀ and Bend the Knee.


Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection: Shadows

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection: 24-shadow palette

You can also check out four shades of Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Vice lipsticks, a Dracarys lip and cheek stain that looks handy, and a quartet of waterproof eye pencils with names like Winterfell Snow, Dragon Smoke, and Lannister Gold.

(I’ll just pretend that last one refers to Tyrion, because I’m not having it with Cersei at all.)

Most wearable for your average person not aspiring to the throne is probably the Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette (I know, I’m laughing as I type it) with shades named for Drogon, Viserion, and RhaegalĀ  — though Viserion is a very pretty sort of latte color, not an icy white.

But my very favorite might be the two shadow brushes shaped like Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword, and Arya Stark’s Needle.

Want the Game of Thrones Vault featuring the full collection? That will cost you $250, or roughly 42 Silver Stags.

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones new cosmetics collection

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection: 4 waterproof eye pencils representing 3 houses of Westeros...and the Night King's Whitewalkers

Urban Decay Game of Thrones eye color palettes inspired by the 4 houses of Westeros | Read more:

On Urban Decay, you’ll find a countdown clock to the launch, which goes live at the stroke of midnight, April 14 — the day lots of us have had in our heads anyway. But go ahead and sign up for the notification anyway.

One bone to pick though, UD: Where are all the models of color? I’d rather look like Missandei or any of the Sand Snakes any day of the week, over a murderous zombie — even a glamorous, shimmery one.