I first discovered TKEES 8 years ago, and in that time, I’ve owned more pairs of them than any other brand of shoe. Ever. I love how much more stylish they are than fat rubber flip-flops, plus they’re comfy, go with absolutely everything, and actually last several summers, despite how hard I tend to wear mine.

The one downside: When they get wet, they fade a little faster than I’d like, and shoes do tend to encounter a little water here and there over the summer.

Behold! For TKEES has introduced new waterproof sandals, aptly called TKEES Swim, and I am already reaching for my credit card.

(Note: I was not lying! See update below.)

The new waterproof TKEES in the same sleek style as their original leather

I love that they have the same sleek silhouette as their original leather flip-flops right down to the subtle contrasting tone of the brown rubber heel. TKEES Swim only come in three shades — for now — but between the cream and the black, I’m all set. Plus, they’re just $25 each. Wow.

Actually, scratch what I just said. Bring out more colors, please.

Find TKEES swim, the new waterproof sandal from TKEES on their website. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.


UPDATE:  I immediately bought two pairs, as promised, and these are definitely going to be the shoes I wear all summer long.

The best day-to-night waterproof flip-flops, new from Tkees | © Liz Gumbinner for Cool Mom Picks

Love the new waterproof flip-flops from Tkees, great for day-to-night int he summer! | © Liz Gumbinner for Cool Mom Picks

I gave them a good workout on a recent beach trip and they are comfy, waterproof as promised, and looked so much sleeker and more stylish than all the clunky slides and other fat-soled flip-flops lined up along the pool. Plus I love how they go from day to night in a more casual environment.  10 out of 10!