After the year we just had, so many families (like mine!) are working within a budget this year, but the good news is that there are so many wonderful, affordable Mother’s Day gifts that are still really special. With that in mind, I’ve tracked down more than 2 dozen wonderfully thoughtful, special, and creative Mother’s Day gifts under $25.

Every one of these Mother’s Day gifts is guaranteed to put a smile on her face, but don’t forget to look at our suggestions for our favorite self-care gifts for moms or subscription gifts, which allow you to spread out your spending over the year. And, of course, our creative kids always wow us with their DIY Mother’s Day gifts, too.

Just don’t forget a card. That’s mandatory! — Liz & Kate

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25+ Mother's Day gifts under $25: Sea salt caramels from Sweet Jules

Fleur de Sel caramels 
$15.95, Sweet Jules

We think mom deserves some self care right about now, and these indulgent caramels are the little bite of luxury we’re craving this year (hint, hint).

Mother's Day gifts under $25: A cozy throw, so she can curl up and read a good book.

A soft chenille throw
$24.99, Target

A cozy blanket like this is so much more than a blanket: it’s an invitation to curl up in a chair with a good book, take some time in the morning for a perfect cup of coffee, or binge her favorite shows or movies for a few hours. But maybe go ahead and make her a coupon for all those things, too—just to be safe.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Custom mom or grandma photo book from Pinhole Press

All About My Mom photo book 
$15.99 for a limited time, Pinhole Press

Just like those adorable “about my mom” papers that come home from school with the kid, but so much nicer since this is an actual photo book with pictures. But don’t stop with mom: there’s also All About My Grandma.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Custom initial locket necklace on Etsy

The sweetest locket necklace
$15 on sale, Bauble Bar

We never would have dreamed we’d find such a lovely piece of jewelry for our Mother’s Day Gifts under $20 guide, but this is stunning and so special. Add your own tiny photo for a keepsake gift she’ll treasure.

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Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure

Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure
$18, Urban Outfitters

Gah, we miss her so much. In fact, we think mom might also need these RBG t-shirts and this RBG dissent pin, too.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Just Between Us family cards in keepsake box

Just Between Us: Conversation Cards for the Whole Family 
$13, Amazon

These conversation cards are great way to bring everyone closer — or get to know Mom better. Give her this after you cook dinner for the family and gather everyone around the table to eat together, or start written conversations in a shared journal between mom and child.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Tiny Pocket Spa

Tiny Pocket Spa
$18, Sweetgum Botanicals on Etsy

Taking time to take care of ourselves has been hard for moms this year, so a gift that gives her a chance to relax is really special. Lock those bathroom doors, light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and give her that ahhhhh moment she’s been needing.

DIY Mother's Day gifts that kids can make: Cookie Medal by Paging Supermom

DIY Mother’s Day Cookie Medal
free tutorial, Paging Supermom

All you need for this DIY gift are a few basic materials and some homemade chocolate chip cookies, of course! Looking for a Mother’s Day gift under $20? How about one that’s free but will still melt her heart?

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Mother's Day gifts under $25: The ultimate Friends DIY crochet set

Friends DIY crochet set
$18, Urban Outfitters

If her year in quarantine has resulted in a love for crafting and binge watching shows from her high school years, she’ll love this DIY kit that includes everything you need to make Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey…and even the Central Perk couch. Iconic, much?

Mother's Day Gifts under $25: Diversity tee at Roko Clothing

Handprint heart t-shirt
$10, Roko Clothing

We believe in a world that can be kinder, more inclusive, and filled with love. And this beautiful handprint tee from Black-owned Roko Clothing is the statement we want to be making.

Mother's Day Gifts under $25: Luxury bath bomb set at Little Flower Soap Co

Luxury handmade bath bombs
$18, Little Flower Soap Co

The kind of thing you never buy yourself — but you’re thrilled when someone else gets it for you, because not one, not two…but five luxurious baths are awaiting you.

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Mother's Day Gifts under $20: Social justice mom coffee mug | Mother's Day Gift Guide

“Social Justice Mom” Coffee Mug 
$9.99, Look Human

Our readers are raising social justice warriors, so we know this mug that says, “We know what matters most to you, mom” will be so meaningful.

Mother's Day gifts under $25: Custom birth month flower necklaces at Life Prints

Custom birth month flower necklace
$23, Life Prints

We love personalized Mother’s Day gifts, but this custom birth month flower necklace is so different and special…it really stands out.

Mother's Day Gifts under $20:You Deserve Happiness Queer Eye Fab Five illustrated print by Tyler Feder | Mother's Day Gift Guide

“You Deserve Happiness” Queer Eye Fab Five Illustrated Print
$15, Tyler Feder

We’re all raising our hands here, as moms who would love one of these!

Mother's Day Gifts under $25: Clean rollerball perfume set

CLEAN roll-on fragrance set
$20, Sephora

Fortunately she doesn’t have to choose just one — they’re made for layering with safe ingredients.

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Mother's Day gifts under $25: A Mother Is a House by Aurore Petit

A Mother is a House, by Aurore Petite
$17, Amazon and Indiebound

After a year of constant worry about our kids’ physical, mental, and emotional health, this ode to a mother’s protective and comforting role is so meaningful. Take it from us: even if your kids are way past the bedtime story phase, this will still be a special gift…especially if your teens write a personal note to mom inside the cover.

Mother's Day gifts under $25: Mama since... tote bag at Pandorea Shop

Mom since… tote bag
$14, Pandorea Shop

Perfect for new moms. Or hey, even not-so-new moms.

Mother's Day gifts under $25: Scratch off travel poster at Kuulys

Scratch-off travel poster
$24.99, Kuulys

For the mom who’s been seriously struggling with wanderlust during the quarantine, a scratch-off travel poster—like this National Parks poster at Kuulys—with a promise to hit the road as soon as it’s safe, is a wonderful gift.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Milk Bar Assorted Cookie Tin

Milk Bar assorted cookie tin
$20, MilkBar Store

Personally, I’d go for an entire tin of their famous Compost Cookies, but an assortment is cool too.

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Mother's Day gifts under $25: Succulent of the Month club membership

Succulents of the Month membership
$10/month, Succulent Studios

Whether she has a green thumb or a black one, she’ll love this fun surprise in the mail each month. And at this price, splurge on a stylish planter to go with it.

Mother's Day gifts under $25: Pavé initial cuff at Bauble Bar

Pavé initial cuff
$18, Bauble Bar

There are limited quantities left of this gorgeous cuff, but if you are lucky enough to find your initial this is a seriously impressive gift at a super-affordable price.

Mother's Day gifts under $20: Mom tattoo enamel pin from Fishcake Design on Etsy | Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom Tattoo Soft Enamel Pin 
$10, Fishcake Design

So she can wear it on her sleeve. Or lapel. Or handbag.

Special Mother's Day gifts under $20: Personalized monthly tea subscription

Free Your Tea Personalized Monthly Tea Subscription
$16-20/mo, Cratejoy

We have it on good word that some moms actually prefer tea. Cool, cool.

Mother's Day gifts under $25: Dolly Parton "Vaccine" mug

Dolly Partin “Vaccine” mug
$20, Love and Lion

We are forever Dolly fans here, and this mug that gives 25% of all profits to COVID caregiver support through Vanderbilt Hospital is the perfect gift for the mom, grandma, aunt or any other human who’s thrilled to be vaccinated this year.

25+ amazing Mother's Day gifts under $25 | Cool Mom Picks

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