It goes without saying that I will always love Dolly Parton, so naturally I was drawn to these amazing Dolly Parton gifts. If you haven’t listened to the Dolly Parton’s America podcast yet, let me assure you that people of all stripes, plaids, and paisleys love my home state’s own American icon too.

In other words, you can safely grab one of these Dolly Parton gifts for virtually anyone on your list and they’re sure to be appreciative.

And OMG, I found the coolest stuff! Clothes, prints, cookie cutters, a minifig… so many cool gift ideas for Dolly Parton fans.

I might even actually give one of these gifts to a fan besides myself.

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Dolly Parton gifts for the Dolly Parton fans in your life

Dolly Parton gifts for Christmas: Dolly Parton cookie cutter set at Williams-Sonoma

Sadly, the Holly Dolly Advent Calendar sold out in *checks notes* mid-September. But I’m encouraged to see this equally awesome Dolly Parton cookie cutter set at Williams-Sonoma . Give the set as a gift, or bake the cookies yourself and gift those to spread the love even farther. ($29.95)


Dolly Parton gifts for Christmas: "In Dolly we trust" cashmere sweater hand-embroidered by Lingua Franca

As Dolly says, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap — or in this case, this chic, ha. Maybe I can’t afford this hand-embroidered “In Dolly We Trust” hand-embroidered cashmere sweater ($380) from one of our favorite indie, women-owned, gifts-that-give-back brands Lingua Franca, but if you’ve been working 9 to 5 and have the means to pamper a Dolly fan in your life, go for it. Best of all, 20% of sales from each sweater purchased will be donated to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

And hey, a donation there makes a great gift all on its own too. But we’ll get to that.


Dolly Parton quote embroidery kit from You Can Stitch It: A wonderful gift for a Dolly Parton fan

If you have a friend or family member who’d prefer a DIY gift to something ready-made, check out this Dolly Parton embroidery kit from You Can Stitch It. And how perfect is this Dolly quote? It’s new to me, but I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. ($32 for full kit)

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Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: An original 1977 Here You Come Again LP

There’s something so cool about owning an original vintage vinyl LP as a gift for a Dolly Parton fan — whether they want to play it or just frame it. Check out the 1977 album Here You Come Again from Etsy’s top-rated VintageVinylIN ($21.99), or if it’s sold out, browse Etsy or eBay resellers — or a local used record store near you.

Of course if you’re feeling extra generous, you can gift it with a vintage inspired portable turntable too — Dolly would love this color.


Gifts for Dolly Parton Fans: What Would Dolly Do? handmade felt banner | Pennant People

The vintage style of this What Would Dolly Do? felt pennant feels so Dolly to me. Plus, it’s a good question for all of us to muse on. Find yours at the Pennant People on Etsy. ($25)


Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: The Dolly Parton Songteller book is wonderful

On the outside chance you know a Dolly Parton fan who hasn’t yet read her autobiography, Dolly Parton,Songteller: My Life In Lyrics is a must-have. You’ll come away with even more appreciation for her — as if that’s possible.  ($30, Amazon or shop your local indie bookseller)


Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: Thanks Dolly vaccine sticker via OMG Vote on Etsy

As if I needed an excuse to love Dolly more (I didn’t!), this past year she stepped up to help fund the development of what became Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine by donating one million dollars to the cause. I mean! So of course I love this Dolly Parton vaccine sticker from OMG Vote that celebrates Dolly’s outrageously big heart for helping people through science. And happens to make the perfect stocking stuffer. ($3.50)

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Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: A donation to her Imagination Library initiative

I think a donation to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library would be such a thoughtful gift for anyone who cares deeply about children’s literacy — whether or not they’re Dolly Parton fans. Dolly’s free children’s books have been showing up on my doorstep since my oldest was born, so I feel a little emotional about this incredible initiative.


Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: "Anyone but Jolene" welcome mat from Designs Beyond Borders

Your flaming locks of auburn hair are not welcome in this household, Jolene! Show the famous emerald-eyed paramour right where she can go (ahem, the Bad Place) and welcome your fellow Dolly fans with this awesome, best-selling Jolene welcome mat Designs Beyond Borders. ($33.99)


Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: Dolly minifig or keychain made by Sweeney Brick

OMG, how fantastic is this handmade Dolly Parton minfig from Sweeney Bricks!? I’m obsessed with the choker and bodice details — and of course, the hair! You can also order it as a keychain, with a very cool gift box. ($16.69)


Gifts for Dolly Parton fans: "Tease it to Jesus" print from Iron Mayton Design

Forget tracking down the impossible-to-find Dyson Airwrap — Dolly’s ‘do method is tried and true. While my husband has thus far resisted my plans to create a Dolly Parton theme in our bathroom, I can still gift this Dolly Parton hair print from Iron the wonderfully named Iron Mayton Design to a fellow fan. Especially one who understands the value of big/bigger/biggest. ($18.99)


Dolly Parton gifts for Christmas: Dollywood gift card

Of course if you really want a fabulous Dolly Parton gift for a fan, you can support the good people of Sevierville and treat the kids in your life to a pilgrimage to Dolly’s homeland. All it takes is this Dollywood gift card, which you can use when you’re feeling safe to travel.

Cheaper than Disney, 100% more Dolly.