While we feel sometimes like every good t-shirt slogan in the world has been done…nope! And here’s a new one too good not to share, especially in time for Mother’s Day.

Inspired by the popularity of a post on her Instagram feed that responded to all the “mommy needs booze” memes going around since the dawn of the mom blogosphere, Graeme Seabrook created a t-shirt that reads:

This mommy needs
-an end to the white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist system that makes modern motherhood so dehumanizing that self-medication is both aspirational and expected. 

"This mommy needs..." tshirt by Graeme Seabrook: A perfect antidote to the "mommy needs wine" messages, for all the social justice moms of the world

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For the right mom, this tee is perfect.

Personally, I do like wine. And working towards social justice. And hey, if you do want to enjoy a nice glass of rosé while wearing the tee and texting your congressperson all at the same time, I say go for it.

You can grab the This Mommy Needs… tee from Graeme Seabrook’s The Mom Store in lots of colors and styles.