This is a sponsored message from Loop and Cascade

Busy families like the convenience of having favorite household products delivered to their doors, but there can be a lot of packaging involved to keep deliveries arriving safe and intact. That’s where Loop, in partnership with Cascade, comes in.

Created by TerraCycle and lauded by environmental advocates, Loop is a revolutionary “shopping circular system,” or a zero-waste platform for shoppers. This massive new program enables the packaging of your household products to be collected, cleaned, refilled, and reused, meaning it goes way beyond recycling in terms of sustainable practices.

Best of all, Loop supports so many favorite products you’re probably already buying anyway, so letting you make a significant impact on the environment without much effort at all.

Here’s how Loop works:

Loop delivers and picks up your favorite products and helps decrease packaging and waste | sponsor

1. Shop on the Loop website for household products you may already use, like Cascade Platinum ActionPacs or other favorites from P&G — one of the first consumer products companies to join Loop.

2. You’ll get a custom Loop tote delivered right to your door, filled with the products you’ve selected.

(You can see in the photo here how Cascade Platinum Action Pacs are stored safely in a new container that’s been specially designed to for durability and reuse.)

Loop sends products in reusable packaging to help decrease waste | sponsor

3. When you’ve used up the products, place the containers back into the reusable Loop Tote, and schedule a free pickup on the Loop website.

Loop will then hygienically clean all of the empty packages you send back so they can safely be reused many times, while the tote itself is reused, too, unlike traditional shopping bags or cardboard boxes.

4. If you’d like, you can schedule convenient auto-refills so that when your product containers are returned, new products arrive at your door automatically.


There are so many ways families are practicing sustainability and reducing waste these days, and so many products that are making responsible changes.

(Cascade, for example, can save up to 15 gallons of water per dishwasher load, since it lets you skip a pre-wash; that could add up to 150 billion gallons of water saved each year, if you multiply it by all dishwasher users who use a pre-wash cycle.)

So it’s great to know that the new Loop system is going to help tens of thousands of families do a whole lot of good.

This has been a sponsored message from Loop and Cascade.