I’m less of a lie-out-in-the-sun gal, and more of a how-can-I-look-like-I-like-out-in-the-sun? gal. I haven’t really used a bronzer for years, but I found a blush-bronzer combo from NARS (man I love NARS) that’s been making me happy for quite a few seasons now.

The NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo is a beauty product I never would have considered, at least until  a Sepohra in JCP artist tried it on me back last holiday season when we were doing a project with them.

I bought it, and it’s become one of my favorite, well-used, everyday cosmetics — enough so, it finally weaned me off the same MAC blush I had been using for far too many years.

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NARS orgasm-laguna blush duo

There are two different color combos; I like the Orgasm-Laguna combo (that’s what she said, I know, I know). However I included my own photo up top because I think the product pics on the Sephora site are a bit misleading. The Orgasm has a lot more blue than yellow in it, making it more of a strawberry than a peachy tone. The Laguna isn’t as deep a brown as you night think; but don’t slather it on.

Just create a half-moon swoop of the bronze tone and blend up through your temples and down along your jawline. Then repeat with the pinker color over top.

I think the result is so pretty, subtle and natural. Definitely not like the scary bronzers of my high school days.

NARS blush-bronzer review: Great way to look naturally sun-kissed | cool mom picks

#NoFilter on my other-side-of-40 skin. See what I do for you all?
Please ignore the messy brows. That’s another post. 

While the description includes “shimmer,” know that it’s just enough to keep from being a harsh matte, but you won’t look like you just left a glitter factory tour, either.

Overall, I think this is a terrific way to give yourself just a little hint of that “sun-kissed skin” we used to swoon about in Glamour magazine as teens, but without involving actual sun rays.

The NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo is $42 at Sephora or you can grab a mini NARS blush duo for $24 if you’d rather sample it. I’ve been using it every day for months and you can see there’s still plenty left in mine.