Returning items purchased from Amazon has never been all that hard, so when I heard you can now make Amazon returns at Kohl’s I was kind of thinking, Why? But then I realized, getting to the post office or repackaging a return if you don’t have supplies on hand can be a hassle for a lot of parents.

So,  I wanted to try it out the new Amazon returns at Kohl’s service to see how it worked and let you all know, in case it might make your life easier.

So, I ordered a book on Amazon — just the first one I saw — knowing full well it would be returned at Kohl’s. Here’s how it went.

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Make Amazon returns at Kohl's: How to start the return

How a typical Amazon return works, which you probably already know.

First, let’s talk about how an Amazon product return would typically work if I were sending it straight back to Amazon the conventional way: I’d log into my recent orders, choose the item I was returning, and provide a reason for the return.

If the return is my “fault”— I just didn’t want it anymore, or ordered it by mistake —  then I’d pay the shipping. If the problem was Amazon’s responsibility, say, it was damaged in shipping or wasn’t what I originally ordered, then they’d pay for the return shipping.

Next, I can either take it to UPS and have them print a label, or print a shipping label myself at home and leave it for pickup, or drop it off at the post office.

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Making Amazon returns at Kohl's: Just follow the signage inside the main door

How an Amazon return at Kohl’s works

If you’re going to return your product through Koh’ls, the first step is the same; you still have to log into your Amazon account and choose an item to return and give a reason.

But now, when you choose “How you will mail your return?” the first option that shows up is…drop it off at Kohl’s.

Now, just show up at Kohl’s with the item (it doesn’t even need to be packed, which is fantastic) and head straight to the  customer service desk. The signage for Amazon returns is very well-marked.

Show them the return shipping code via your Amazon app on your phone, and they’ll scan the code, take the item, pack it, and ship it for you.


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When to use Amazon returns at Kohl’s

For me, getting to Kohl’s isn’t exactly convenient. So, I’d use this service only if I had an Amazon return that required me to pay shipping.

However if you’re really close to a Kohl’s, or you live in a city where getting there is on your way to/from work or school, this could be a great alternative for you.

The process is incredibly easy; you literally just have to walk in and drop it off. In fact, if I had a Kohl’s nearer to my house I’d use it more often.

In my experience, it was 100% hassle-free.

Tip: Just be sure to check in your item at home before you go. I arrived at Kohl’s without having checked in my return at home first, and I learned that Amazon was going to refund my purchase without requiring me to send it back to them. I am guessing the product wasn’t worth the cost of return shipping for them.

Why is Kohl’s even doing this?

I really never shop at Kohl’s. It just isn’t on my radar or that convenient to where I live. But when I went in to make my return, I did notice some cute tops that I thought my daughter might like for back to school season. We came back to Kohl’s later with Grandma, and ended up spending $200 on new clothes for school.

So, yeah, this is working for Kohl’s.