When Jessica Simpson was recently mommy shamed on social media for letting her oldest daughter get her hair dyed, Kristen clapped back with her own Instagram post. And then, we decided it might be time to talk about the sanctimommy again. On this episode of Spawned Parenting Podcast, we go into the science of shame, and look at what the experts have to say about this phenomenon. Why are we so hard on other moms (and ourselves)? We share our own advice on how to deal with mommy shamers, and what to do if you feel your inner sanctimommy coming out


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Some links from our show

– Here’s Kristen’s response, with cute photos of her own girls with hair dye. THE HORROR!

– And of course, the original Instagram post from Jessica Simpson that started this whole conversation.

Interesting article on the difference between guilt and shame. Brené Brown has written extensively about the difference. She’s a must-read when it comes to this topic.

– Shame actually served a purpose. This historical analysis helps give some perspective on its evolutionary origins.

Liz wrote about the sanctimommy back in 2006. She even ended up in the New York Times.

– We’ve written about some hilarious mommy shaming clapbacks.


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Our Cool Picks of the Week 

Sugarfina x Nintendo candy gift set

Kristen: The Nintendo x Sugarfina collaboration is awesome.

Kids Take a Stand: Lemonade stands by kids to support kids in crisis at our border | via Lawyer Moms Foundation

Liz: It’s not too late to make a lemonade stand that supports an amazing cause.

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