I’ve only been a mom for five months, but it’s long enough to know that mommy shaming is a very real thing. Whether it’s the sidelong stare from a stranger while you breastfeed in public or the loaded question, Oh, your baby doesn’t eat 1000% organic, cold pressed sustainable superfoods? judgment can wear on an already exhausted mom.

So we’re giving thanks for these celebrity moms who aren’t afraid to clap back at mommy shamers in the most memorable ways.

I know I’ll be channeling these ladies the next time someone asks me whether I use disposable diapers or cloth.

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Kate Beckinsale 

Mommy shamer clapbacks: Kate Beckinsale

She may have starred in the occasional Jane Austen period piece, but Kate Beckinsale doesn’t stay home confined to her needlepoint IRL. Or take crap from haters. When a user commented that Kate should “stay home with her kids” on this pic of her out partying like a normal adult, she spoke for all of us modern women with this awesome clapback that addresses mommy shaming, misogyny, and general sexism all in one. Yes!

Oh and PS, her daughter is 17. Note to world: Not all “mommies” are home with babies.

via @katebeckinsale on Instagram


Halle Berry

Mommy shamer clapbacks: Halle Berry

Put your kids on the internet or not, someone will always have something to say about it. So I love that Halle Berry went full mama bear on this commenter who accused her of not being “proud of her kids” just because she’s made the choice to guard their privacy on social media. Oh hey, Halle Berry is a normal mom just like us, who makes choices she thinks are right for her children! Okay, except for the hourglass figure and flawless skin and A+++ acting skills. And yes, we feel you, Halle.

via @halleberry on Instagram


Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen's epic mommyshaming clapback on twitter | cool mom picks

For ages, Chrissy Teigen has been one of our favorite social media moms to follow, And just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, she unleashes this zinger as the internet gives a collective *slow clap.* I think we can all take notes on how Chrissy shuts down cringe-inducing, inappropriately personal questions about conception, with the perfect combo of wit and snark. Take notes all ye moms who’ve gotten questions from strangers on the street like, “twins? Did you do in vitro?”

via @chrissyteigen on Twitter

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Amanda Seyfried

Mommy shamer clapbacks: Amanda Seyfried

Earlier this spring, Amanda Seyfried joined the new mom club, and wow, she already gets it. I’m applauding her willingness to speak out on the tired formula v. breast milk fight, and I love her “you do you,” verdict. I think we can safely say that she speaks for all sensible parents when she reminds the world keeping a baby fed (and, you know, alive) is the most important thing.

via @amandaseyfried on Twitter


Snooki (yes, really)

Mommy shamer clapbacks: Snooki

Whatever you think of the Jersey Shore alum turned um, semi-professional wrestler, her parenting philosophy is on point in this post. I love how she preempts haters by reminding people that she’s a good mom who knows what she’s doing — most of the time. What mom among us can’t relate to that?

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Mommy shamer clapbacks: Pink

Pink slayed me with this unapologetic pumping pic from just a few days ago. She’s not clapping back at any particular shamer here (although she can and she has), but pics like this help hack away at the taboo of public breastfeeding. Maybe with more photos like this, pumping moms won’t even need to clap back so much in the future.

via @pink on Instagram