If you have a teen, surely you know of their great hopes and dreams to storm Area 51 this coming September. The meme has taken hold, and I’m afraid I’m going to wake up one morning with a note from my kids saying, Gone to see them aliens. Took some money. Back soon.

While the tongue-in-cheek event “to see them aliens” was recently removed from Facebook — after 2 million freaking people had signed up — there may still be an actual festival held on September 20. And of course your family will all be needing the appropriate alien meme attire.

Or you know, just wear yours at home while watching Men in Black. Probably smarter.

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of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Which was not a hoax, by the way.

Area 51 t-shirts: Fun run

Area 51 Fun Run Shirt | $29.11, Shop Style on Red Bubble (M, W sizes)
“They can’t stop all of us.”


Area 51 t-shirts: Let's see them aliens

Let’s See Them Aliens Shirt $18.99, Amazon (M, W, Y sizes)
My favorite of all!


Storm Area 51 t-shirts: Straight Outta Area 51

Straight Outta Area 51 Shirt |  $25.99, Straight Outta Warnings on Society 6 (M, W sizes)
Of course there’s one like this. It’s like a meme on top of a meme.


Introvert Area 51 t-shirt

Introverted but Willing to Discuss Area 51 T-shirt | $28.50, The Good Side Co on Etsy (Unisex sizes)
Not everyone who wants a Storm Area 51 t-shirt is a YouTuber, you know…


Area 51 t-shirts: Raid Meme, Endless Summer Style

Storm Area 51 Meme T-Shirt, Endless Summer Style | $19.66, SF Cubed on Etsy (M sizes)
Surfboards…hidden alien autopsy results…kind of the same.


Property of Area 51 t-shirt

Property of Area 51 T-Shirt | $16.99, Conspiracytee on Etsy (M/unisex sizes)
No Storm Area 51 t-shirt collection would be complete without one of these.


Storm Area 51 t-shirts: vintage style

Storm Area 51 Retro T-Shirt | $14.99 and up on sale, Story of Sean on Etsy (M, W, Y sizes)
A Storm Area 51 t-shirt from the Twilight Zone era. Which is probably where it belongs.


With apologies to Miracle Max, have fun storming the Air Force Base!*

*Do not really storm the Air Force Base. It is hot, it is in the middle of nowhere, it is heavily guarded, and you’re more likely to see aliens walking among us in Times Square on any random weekday.