Heading to Kindergarten for the first time is a huge milestone, and we’ve found some great printables that help make things more fun, more organized, and even more safe for our kids. Hope they help you parents out. And maybe save you a few bucks to spend on that cool new kindergarten backpack your kid reallllly wants.

So whether you’re hoping to capture some sentimental memories or make sure your child’s food allergy isn’t an issue at school, we’ve found 7 great Kindergarten printables for this school year.

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A free kindergarten printable to keep those first-day-of-school memories

Back to school printables: All About Me page at Sunny Day Family

The beginning of the school year is a great time to keep track of your kids’ memories, and this cute free printable first day of school page at Sunny Day Family helps. Laura has an “all about me” style page for every grade, K-12 and it’s a lovely tradition to start with your kids. Can you imagine sitting down their senior year and looking back over those early first days of school and that adorable kindergarten handwriting? Sniff.

Free kindergarten printables to help them make friends at lunch

Back to school printables: lunch box jokes at Modern Mom Life

For a fun surprise in your kids’ lunchboxes, we’ve shared so many fun lunchbox printables for kindergarten and beyond over the years. Check them all out!

This year, you can also download these corny (in a good way), food-themed, free printable lunch box jokes at Modern Mom Life. They’re a fun way for younger kids to make new friends at the lunch table — by reading these out loud and letting their table mates guess the answers.

Once you’ve used all these jokes up, you can also buy a pack of NapKids napkins that let your kids play fun games with their friends, right on their napkins.

Kindergarten printables to help make your morning routine easy and clear


School year printables: Daily Routine cards at Military Wife and Mom

A visual schedule can be a huge help to kids who are starting school for the first time, or for kids of all ages with developmental differences.  As a special needs mom myself, I personally love these printable morning routine cards from Military Wife & Mom.

Each task is an individual card, which allows you to change your schedule as often as you need. Plus, it allows for diverse needs through their customizable cards. Do you need to add medication to your routine? Does your child use lotion every morning? Do you they need to bring sports equipment to school? You can add all those to your plan with this pack of 40 cards.

They’re not free at $6.99, but they’ve been amazing for us, and I’m happy to support a small mom-run business.

Free kindergarten printables to help them practice sight words

Kindergarten printables: Free sight word flashcards at Teaching Mama

Learning sight words is a big part of Kindergarten, and this set of free printable kindergaarten sight word flashcards at Teaching Mama are a fun way to practice at home or in the car. The more they review these, the faster they’ll be on their way to reading Harry Potter on their own, right? We can hope!

Free kindergarten printables to keep kids safe from food allergies

School year printables: Allergy labels at Kori Clark Designs

Food allergy parents, sending your kid off to school for the first time can be stressful. Like, very stressful. Besides all of the other precautions you’ll be taking (these tips are a huge help,  the free printable safe/not safe food allergy labels from Kori Clark Designs can give you a bit more peace of mind.

It’s also smart to affix a label right on their lunch box, alerting friends and teachers not to give your child any food item that hasn’t been approved first.

Free kindergarten printables for practice with early STEM skills

Kindergarten printables: Tangrams at Totschooling

My kids love playing with their magnetic tiles, and they also love the challenge of a fun tangram puzzle. So I think these free printable tangram pages at Totschooling is so smart! If the challenge of pushing themselves in reading and math all is wearing out your kid, these kindergarten printables are a great way for your 4 and 5-year-olds to recharge their minds in a fun, playful way while still learning some important spacial relationship and early geometry skills.

Kindergarten printables to help boost academic readiness

Kindergarten printables: Preschool Practice Notebook at Inspire the Mom

Wow, I’m super impressed with this huge collection of Kindergarten readiness printables from Inspire the Mom. The pack covers all the academic and development topics kids likely learn during their preschool years, from matching shapes and creating patterns to identifying letters and numbers and even telling time.

If you want to review these concepts or get some extra practice at home, this is an amazing resource (68 pages, whoa!) all for under $10.