We’re big believers in helping kids to be mindful about how they save and spend their money, and we’re so excited to find this beautifully designed Give Spend Save piggy bank to help reinforce what we’re all helping teach our children anyway.

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Give Save Spend piggy bank set: Modern, stylish way to teach kids about money management

The affordable set of three piggy banks comes from Chip and Jojo’s Target Magnolia collection, designed so you can arrange each one together or separately, should you want “save” to be in a more accessible spot, for example, to give it some priority.  And the size is just perfect for a night stand or a bookshelf.

Whether your kids are saving for a band trip or new video game, or whether they want to fundraise for a pet cause until they reach a goal, it’s a smart gift to help remind our kids that money management is important. And  maybe even fun.