A few weeks ago, I decided I really needed to start working out again. As a 40-something-year old mom of four kids, I know how important fitness is to my health and wellness. But, I’m also a busy working 40-something-year old mom of four kids, and most of the fitness groups I’ve found online just haven’t been for me. For now, there are no marathons in my future. And my barre class is spelled “BAR.” Ha.

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Cool Mom Fit: A different kind of fitness community

So I thought it might be helpful for other moms like me to start a different kind of fitness community, which is how the Cool Mom Fit Facebook Group was born. As you can see from our tagline, this is no “I’m in my 150th hour of yoga teacher training” kind of place. (Though if you are in your 150th hour, you are welcome to join us!).

What you will find is a supportive, body positive group of folks who need some motivation, inspiration, and support to incorporate exercise and fitness in their life, and prioritize their own health and wellness. Whether that looks like a 7-minute workout app, or you’re doing a couch to 10K like me, all are welcome. Yes, even you marathon runners. We love you too. And maybe hate you. A little.

We truly hope it’s a judgment-free fitness zone where you can ask questions, get opinions and advice, and yes, gripe about how hard it is. As someone who has only ever been successful with a workout regimen when I was part of a supportive group like this, I hope that Cool Mom Fit provides that for me and for all of you.