2020 is already underway., and normally we’d have shared our annual list of our favorite printable calendars with you for the year. But with some of our kids back in school late this year, combined with and some of the recent stories on the news, we may be a little slower to get organized than usual.

So this is the week I’m finally taking time to get our year organized, starting with these wonderful free printable 2020 calendars.

Double check your ink supply and clear off your desk for these gorgeous options. We hope they’ll help you keep track of your best year ever.

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Printable 2020 calendars: Customizable photo calendar at The Merry Thought

A printable 2020 calendar you can customize with photos

You can customize this printable calendar at The Merry Thought with your own pictures, to create anything from a chic travel journal of your past year to fun family photos that make you feel all the love for your kids while you’re at your desk. Even favorite artwork, created by the kids and photographed, could be a sweet reminder through the year.


Printable 2020 calendars: Coloring book calendar at Botanical Paperworks

An adult coloring book style 2020 printable calendar

There were a few fun designs for free printable 2020 calendars this year at Botanical Paperworks, but I loved this adult coloring book-style calendar. It mixes my favorites—getting organized and adult coloring books—into one perfect desk accessory. Plus, it has holidays listed, which I happen to find super helpful.

Printable 2020 calendars: 3D calendar at Piece of Rainbow

A printable 2020 desk calendar that keeps things fun

A Piece of Rainbow has some great printable calendars, from ultra-minimalist to pretty florals. But for a while, we’ve all been fascinated by this 3D printable desk calendar. It looks like a cool geometric sculpture (or a 12-sided die, if you’re into geek culture) that sits on your desk. Great for teens…or you.

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Free printable 2020 calendar for Good Omens fans: The cottage market

A free printable 2020 calendar for Good Omens fans

Liz’s kids shrieked when they saw this free printable Good Omens 2020 single-page calendar from The Cottage Market. The chibi renditions of Aziraphale and Crowley are too adorable — though Crowley would definitely take issue with that characterization. Your teens could easily grab a highlighter to mark school vacations, then hang it anywhere to help keep them on track.

Free printable Doctor Who 2020 calendar by the Cottage Market

A free printable 2020 calendar for Doctor Who fans

Okay David Tennant fans, you’re in double luck, thanks to The Cottage Market. They’re also offering this wonderful free printable Doctor Who calendar, entirely for fans of the series.  Each page gives you a month to spend with your favorite doctors — and other characters too. The Weeping Angel for December is a nice touch. (Don’t worry parents, she’s more cute than scary.) And each square is clean enough to give you all the space you need to jot down your daily time travel plans.


Free printable 2020 calendar for the modern minimalist via A Piece of Rainbow

A printable 2020 calendar for the modern minimalist

Amanda at A Piece of Rainbow, ironically, also delves into the least rainbow design possible, with this fabulously minimalist black and white printable 2020 calendar. It’s perfect those who tend to peruse longingly at everything in the MoMA design store.. Plus, black and white always works with any decor.

Free printable 2020 calendars with monthly themes by Shortstop Designs

A free printable 2020 calendar to brighten each month, just a little

I love the fun, colorful, slightly whimsical printable 2020 calendar pages from Gathering Beauty that give aa little nod to the themes of each month — soft florals to start the year, pink flamingos as summer kicks in, a candy explosion in October.  I’d laminate them (yes, I’m the proud owner of a laminator) to hang on our fridge. Then, I’d use dry erase markers to keep track of all our appointments each month — color coded by kid, of course. Because mama has to stay organized.

For more ideas, check out our favorite  printable calendars of 2019 — lots of those designs are offered as a 2020 design as well. Just click through to the site and search for 2020 calendars/freebies.