This year definitely feels like an e-card year when it’s come to Mother’s Day. While we love supporting the post office all we can, some of us have just been too overwhelmed to remember to pick out a card in time. And plenty of us aren’t able to browse the card section at the supermarket or our favorite local boutiques at all.

(Besides, if there’s anyone who will understand and love us anyway, hopefully it’s Mom. Hopefully!)

So I’ve been looking around to find the nicest Mother’s Day e-cards we can all send digitally — and if you’re skeptical about e-cards for your mom or grandma or stepmom, don’t be! There are so many lovely ones that capture the way we feel about our moms and other mother figures in our lives perfectly.

Plus, you can write a personal note or even add photos inside some to personalize them.  And of course, you know she’ll get it on time.

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Mother's Day e-cards that know just what to say: This Heart Cord card is perfect if mom is #1 on your speed dial.

When your mom is #1 on your speed dial…

If you’re the type who hangs up from a quick call with your mom then realize you’ve been on the phone for over an hour, this Heart Cord  Mother’s Day ecard at Paperless Post is the card for you to send this year. Hey, maybe she was the one yelling for you to get off your spiral-corded landline phone when you were a kid. But now she’s the one who picks up on the first ring, texts you throughout the day to say “how’s it going?” and checks in every night to make sure the kids — and you — had an okay day.


Great Mother's Day ecards: Literally Everything at Paperless Post

When your mom is an essential part of your village…

Moms need a little extra thanks this year for all they do, and some are doing more than others, or maybe it just feels that way. This Literally Everything e-card for Mother’s Day card on Paperless Post is perfect if she’s helped you through some tough spots this year. It also happens to be great for the grammar mom who is always correcting you on your misuse of the word “literally.” Heh.


Great Mother's Day ecards: At Home at Paperless Post

When you’re missing your mom more than ever this year…

 Gah, this personalized photo e-card for Mother’s Day also on Paperless Post is especially poignant for those of us who feel particularly far-away from our own moms right now. Whether she’s across the country or in the next town over. Adding photos so she can see all those faces she’s missing so much is an extra-special touch.


Great Mother's Day ecards: You're So Fierce by Hello! Lucky at Paperless Post

When your mom would do anything for you…

Tiger Mom definitely has a new meaning these days! Whether you know your mom would fight for you no matter what, or uh, she’s just finished binging Tiger King, this Tiger Mom Mother’s Day e-card designed by Hello! Lucky for Paperless Post may be the perfect one for her. Or hey, maybe she’s just a big fan of Christian Siriano?

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Great Mother's Day e-cards: "A Mother Is" card by Indigo Bunting on Paperless Post

When your mom is the type who loves to cry over Mother’s Day cards…

Sometimes cards really do say it better than we can. Or in this case, Washington Irving said it in this A Mother Is…Washington Irving quote e-card designed by The Indigo Bunting for Paperless Post. I know it’s been particularly hard for my mom to watch us having tough days during the quarantine, and not be able to swoop in and help. So I love this sentiment that reminds her I know she’s always there for me, even when she feels that she’s not.

Queen Bee Mother's Day e-card perfect for the matriarch of the family

When your mom is the true matriarch of the family…

This Queen Bee Mother’s Day e-card celebrates that mom who anchors your family. You know, the one who coordinates the family gatherings. The one who reminds everyone about everyone else’s birthdays and anniversaries. The one whose home is home base. The one who your friends want to call Mom, too. Know a mom like that?


Digital e-card to invite mom to a virtual Mother's Day brunch over zoom

When a Mother’s Day brunch is usually a big part of your tradition…

Lots of us are sad to be missing our IRL brunches with our extended families this year, so I love the idea of surprising Mom with an ecard invitation to a virtual Mother’s Day Brunch with the e-card invitations  on Minted. Set up a Zoom call with the whole family (one of our favorite meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas this year) from your brunch table — and maybe even have a box of brunch goodies delivered to her too.

PS Minted has made their new e-invitations free for a limited time when you send to 5 or more people. So be sure to send to everyone who’s invited!


Great Mother's Day ecards: My Mom by Blue Pool Road at Paperless Post

When your mom is also your BFF…

If your mom is the one you call first when your day has gone to crap, then this My Mom Mother’s Day e-card by Blue Pool Road designed for Paperless Post may be the one for you. If she’s the one you can spill it all too — even by text at 2AM — then this card lets you say thanks for always listening. That’s something we sometimes take for granted, and it’s so wonderful to acknowledge it.


Mother's Day ecards that say just what we feel: This card is great for every awesome mom out there.

When your mom really needs to hear that she’s doing a great job….

Moms are all struggling with a lot right now, whether we’re at home managing our families in isolation (and feeling like we’re blowing it), or we’re parents of adult children…and still feeling like we’re blowing it. (What is it about that mom guilt?) The truth is, everyone needs to be told that we’re doing a good job from time to time, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. This  Awesome Mom e-card is perfection for nearly any mom on Mother’s Day. Trust us.