We are safe-distance podcasting today! We have wine! And we are punchy! With all the time we have (no, we don’t entirely have a lot of time) we are watching ALL THE SERIES and laughing through this conversation today about our binge watching recos — what to watch as a family, what to watch alone, what to skip entirely. And why it really, really is okay. Scientifically proven, even.

We also answer that question on everyone’s minds these days: should you be watching Tiger King? And if you’re on the fence, Kristen has a brilliant suggestion for you.

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Topics we cover on this week’s podcast

Give yourself permission to just relax a little right now! There's scientific reason for it.

– Give yourself permission! Read: ¬†Why now is not the time to obsess about productivity¬†by Rainseford Stauffer, and This is Why You’re So Tired¬†by Roxanna Sarmiento.

– Yes, Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague and we don’t plan on trying to do the same.

– Kristen prefers the lighter, fun series like¬†Schitt’s Creek¬†and¬†Next in Fashion, while Liz¬†likes darker shows like Hunters, I’m Not Okay with This, Peaky Blinders, and Umbrella Academy.

РWe both agree on Killing Eve and Westworld. Also, Encore! on Disney Plus! And Self-Made is in our queues.

– A few of the best recommendations from our readers and IG fans, including some great older British sitcoms that are new to us.

– Why it’s nice to have some family shows, some me-time, shows…and to spend time to watch certain shows alone with just one kid, if you’ve got a few at home.

– Great episodic recaps and analysis: The Ringer’s series of Bingemode videos,¬†or if you prefer reading, New York Magazine’s¬†TV recaps on Vulture.com.

– Genius tip for watching shows like Derry Girls and Peaky Blinders.

– Liz tries to convince Kristen to watch one particular segment on one particular episode of Impractical Jokers but…she’s skeptical.

– Pssst…¬†Film Theory : Call Liz!


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