We’ve rounded-up some of the funniest Father’s Day cards for the dad in your life, no lawnmower, golf, or fart jokes to be found. We hope you find the perfect Father’s Day card for the partner, dad, father-in-law, or grandfather in your life.

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Funny Father's Day Cards: Father-in-law card from Spade Stationery

Funny Father-in-Law card | Spade Stationery

This is definitely the kind of guy to celebrate.


Funny Father's Day cards | Baby Yoda card by LoveKNeis

Baby Yoda Father’s Day card | LoveKNeis

For your favorite Mandalorian fan


Funny Father's Day cards: I used to poop on your from Sad Shop

I Used to Poop On You Father’s Day Card | Sad Shop

A very good reason to add a gift card too.


Funny Father's Day Cards | Papa Queen card by Sketchy Print Co

Papa Queen Father’s Day card | Sketchy Print Co

Carry on, carry on. He really, really matters.

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Funny Father's Day cards | Mom has boobs by Wit and Whistle

Mom Has Boobs Father’s Day card | Wit and Whistle

Boobs are tough to beat.


Funny Father's Day cards | I Turned Out Perfect card by Untamed Ego Shop

I Turned Out Perfect Father’s Day card | Untamed Ego Shop

Because he responsible for all your good choices.


Funny Father's Day cards | Second Born Card by Firefly Paper Studio

Second Born Father’s Day card | Firefly Paper Studio

Let’s hear it for the second born children.

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Funny Father's Day cards | Harder to find than toilet paper card by Notes from Nancy

Funny Quarantine Father’s Day card | Notes from Nancy

A card that pretty much sums up Father’s Day in 2020

Funny Father's Day cards | Old man card by Finch and Hare

Funny Old Man Father’s Day card | Finch and Hare

Oh how lucky you are to have him in your life.


Funny Father's Day cards | Best Decision Ever by In a Nutshell Studio

Best Decision Ever Father’s Day card | In a Nutshell Studio

He may not be your dad, but he’s still very special.