We always love searching for funny Father’s Day cards — and especially the challenge of finding funny Father’s Day cards that don’t involve clich√© jokes about grilling, golf, lawnmowers, or hogging the remote control.

It’s harder than you think! And yet, I’ve found 21 this year that are totally cracking us all up.

From Star Wars and Anchorman to cringe humor and funny-sweet cards, we hope you find the funny Father’s Day card that’s perfect for your own dad, grandpa, or dad-like figure in your life.

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Funny Father's Day card: Life before kids

Funny Life Before Kids Father’s Day Card¬†| Spade Stationery
He doesn’t have to answer that.

Funny Father's Day cards: Bad ties by Emily McDowell

Bad Tie Father’s Day Card¬†| Emily McDowell
No really, don’t get him a made-for-Instagram inspirational quote tie. Emily gets it.

  Funny Father's Day card: Masculine card

Masculine Father’s Day Card¬†| Seas and Peas
Here’s to gender norms: May we mock them forever.

Funny Father's Day cards: Star Wars

Funny Star Wars Father’s Day Card | Wit and Whistle
(Although if Darth Vader were your dad, you’d be Luke or Leia and that’s kind of cool)

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Funny Father's Day cards: Borat

Borat Father’s Day Card¬†| Greetyoself
Yep, still funny!

Funny Father's Day cards: From the baby

Funny Father’s Day Poo Card¬†| Doodle Love
From the baby, who probably needs changing right now.

Funny Father's Day card from the baby | wit and whistle

Love You Second Best Father’s Day Card | Wit and Whistle
Aaaand…this is another way to go from the baby

Funny Father's Day cards: Anchorman

Funny Anchorman Father’s Day Card¬†| Greet Yo Self
Father…San Diego…same difference.

Funny Father's Day cards: Deadpool does Streisand

Funny Deadpool Father’s Day Card¬†| DandyLion Designs
Barbra sends hugs

Funny Father's Day cards: Don't give him a heart attack with this one!

Fake Congrats Card | Knotty Cards
A card for your own dad if you’re single. Just don’t give him a heart attack for Father’s Day!

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Funny Father's Day Cards: Knocked Up Mom Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Knocked Up Mom Father’s Day Card¬†| How Awcard
Not sure how many dads you can give this to…no judgments.

Funny Father's Day card for your spouse or partner: Ugly babies

Ugly Babies Father’s Day Card¬†| In a Nutshell Studio
It’s funny because it’s true. Right?

Funny Father's Day cards: Animals eat their young

Animal Father’s Day Card | Wit and Whistle
Whatever else is going on, you can always be grateful you’re not a gerbil

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Funny Father's Day cards - I love you more than my smartphone

I love you more than… Father’s Day Card¬† | Hop Skip Jump Paper
There are other options too, like if you love him more than RealityTV, video games, and candy corn? Get all of them.

Funny Father's Day cards: Daddy-daughter card

Daddy-Daughter Funny Father’s Day Card
He raised you to be honest. Good for him.

Funny Father's Day cards: Elton John

Funny Elton John Father’s Day Card¬†| AlyLou Cards
Better than telling him that he’s why the call it the blues.

Funny Father's Day card: Spend your own money on the gift

Funny Your Money Father’s Day Card¬†| Nine Two Design
Don’t use his money to buy the gift either.

Funny Father's Day card: Dueling alien dads
Funny Alien Dads Father’s Day Card¬†| LCH Morgan
In space, no one can hear you laugh really loud about dad jokes

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Funny Father's Day cards for a Stepfather

Funny Stepfather Father’s Day Card¬†| Cheeky Kumquat
Seriously though, don’t forget your stepdad.

Funny Father's Day card: I miss Obama

Obama Father’s Day Card¬†| SadShop
This may make him cry the wrong way, come to think of it.

Funny Father's Day cards: Don't tell mom

Don’t Tell Mom…Father’s Day Card¬†| Emily McDowell
Take it from this Mom, she’ll forgive you; it’s Father’s Day.