As we look for the best Father’s Day crafts for kids to make for their dads, grandpas and stepdads as part of our annual Father’s Day Gift Guide, one thing becomes evident: While not all dads have mustaches, or wear neck ties, or play golf or like bacon, that seems to be the theme of most Father’s Day crafts.

What so many of the dads in our lives are though, is awesome. And with everything families have been through this very stressful year, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate Dad with a homemade gift that acknowledges that very thing.

(Of course he may also be proud of his quarantine facial hair. No judgments.)

So this year, I’ve rounded up 14 of the best Father’s Day crafts for kids to make — mostly on their own — which all celebrate just how terrific dads are, and how much they’re appreciated.

Best of all, these Father’s Day crafts from kids are all so simple, and every one will make him feel like the Best Dad Ever! In other words, none of them require fancy crafting equipment or the kind of advanced skills that turn a kid-made project into a mom-made project. You know what I’m talking about.

Top image: Easy DIY Father’s Day trophy via Meri Cherry

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Easy Father’s Day crafts for kids:
Handmade gifts for the superhero dad who does it all

Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Turn new utensils and tools into a superhero-themed gift for dad on Father's Day with this idea from One Little Project

DIY superhero utensils (One Little Project)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…spatula??? If he’s pining for some new grilling utensils (hey, no cliches — we’re all grilling at home these days!), consider dressing them up like the superhero your kids think he is. This is such a bright idea that you can customize to include glasses, facial hair, and whatever “super” message your kids pick. Plus, it works great on tools, should he be a handy sort of a dad.


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Free printable Superhero labels and card for Father's Day from Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Superhero snack jars and printable card (Sandy Toes & Popsicles)

Since we are all snacking our way through quarantine, these Superhero snack jars make a perfect Father’s Day craft for kids to make. They’ll love helping to brainstorm Dad’s favorite treats, then fill up the four jars. Or, supersize his gift (ha) and fill up a dozen jars. She’s got free printables for all of them.

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Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Create a superhero snack box for Father's Day with these free printables from Oh Happy Day for Alpha Mom

DIY Father’s Day superhero snack box (Oh Happy Day, for Alpha Mom)

Another super snack idea for a superhero dad comes from Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day whose clever, sophisticated — yet free! — printable labels can be affixed to his favorite treats, repackaged or not. Make sure you read all the labels closely. They’re adorable! And they’ll inspire kids to get creative for what exactly constitutes “hero vitamin pellets” or “hero juice.” Check out the tutorial on Alpha Mom for ideas on how kids can repackage the items to look as pro as hers came out.


IEasy Father's Day crafts for kids:  Heart Crafty Thing's Superhero craft for Father's Day includes a spot for a special note

Super Dad candy bar wrapper (I Heart Crafty Things)

Kids are invited to draw their dad’s face own on these free printable Super Dad candy bar wrappers that turn a Hershey’s bar (or his own favorite) into a caped crusader. What I love best though, is the prompt on back that lets kids describe just why he’s so super. In fact, it’s even sweeter than the chocolate.

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Easy Father’s Day crafts for kids:
Handmade gifts for the dad who rocks.

Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Tell him he rocks on Father's Day with this craft idea from Linda's Learning Loot

“My Dad Rocks” DIY frame (Linda’s Learning Loot)

If you’ve got a dad who rocks in any way, a cute family photo or a kid-drawn self-portrait in a frame is always be a great Father’s Day craft for kids to give to a dad, stepdad, or special grandpa.  I love the play on words that comes with this idea from Linda’s Learning Loot. You can order beautiful polished river rocks from Amazon get delivery/curbside pick-up from your local craft store. Or if you’re lucky enough to have colorful pebbles scattered around your own backyard, you can use those too.


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Create your own Father's Day paperweights with this craft from Hello Wonderful

DIY Father’s Day paperweights (Hello Wonderful)

With a handful of rocks and a few craft supplies, kids can create their own miniature version of the man of the day. The finished masterpieces make a great paperweight for his desk, or just a cute collection for a nightstand or bookshelf. Check out all the ideas from the tutorial on Hello Wonderful, including some updated ideas they added since we first featured these in 2018 as one of 13 favorite Father’s Day gifts kids can help DIY. (Psst… more fun Father’s Day crafts for kids there, too.)


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Top cupcakes with chocolate rocks for an easy Father's Day edible craft from Oh Happy Day!

“Dad U Rock” cupcakes (Oh Happy Day)

Jordan Ferney does it again with another fantastic but easy Father’s Day craft for kids. At least if your own rocking Dad loves treats. Follow her instructions for making these simple cupcakes topped with edible candy rocks that you can buy online, or snag from from a local candy store. She even offers tips for making those gorgeous little hand-stamped banners, but if you don’t have all the supplies, no worries. They will still be adorable with a handwritten message affixed to a toothpick.


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Such a clever recipe from Hungry Happenings to show dad how much he rocks

Edible Dad Rocks (Hungry Happenings)

Yes, they’re edible! I think kids of all ages will love making this Father’s Day gift: Easy cookies-and-cream rocks that look so realistic, he may be afraid to break a tooth. They come together so quickly and easily with the tutorial on Hungry Happenings.

Instead of a cartoon character to top it off, consider getting your little in-house artist to draw a portrait of their dad, or you can take a photo of the kids holding a “dad rocks” sign. Or hey, just use a favorite bitmoji print, and cut out. Then, pile them up on a plate with a “dad rocks!” message…and hope he shares his treats.


Easy Father’s Day crafts for kids:
Handmade gifts for the #1 Dad

Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Let kids design their own DIY Best Dad trophy as shown on Meri Cherry

Easy DIY Father’s Day trophy craft for kids (Meri Cherry)

Creative kids will have a blast making a very special trophy for their Best Dad using whatever craft supplies you have in house. This is a great craft for any age child to make on their own — or get siblings to collaborate on one masterpiece. Just make sure that if your kids have two dads, they each get one!


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Shrinky Dinks make adorable Father's Day trophy keychains for dad with this tutorial from Simply Kinder

DIY Father’s Day trophy keychains (Simply Kinder)

They may be teeny tiny trophies, but these Shrinky Dink keychains will make a big impact with just a little help from you. The clear tutorial and free printable trophy images from Simply Kinder makes this craft a whole lot easier, too.

Tip: if you have lots of extra Shrinky Dink sheets to use up, check out the adorable Shrinky Dink tie tack craft for Father’s Day that we featured several years ago.  It’s a hilarious way to turn Dad’s mini-me into a real mini-figurine.


Easy Father's Day crafts for kids: Loving this DIY Father's Day trophy craft from Narnia Forever all made from recycled materials at home

DIY Father’s Day trophies from recycled bottles (Narnia Forever)

This is such a fun, relatively easy Father’s Day craft for the kids that makes use of stuff you have around the home. I  love the clever upcycling of plastic condiment bottles and other embellishments for these trophies, found on Narnia Forever — though feel free to personalize your own trophy with a bike chain, hardware fasteners, or his favorite hard candies. You can even fill his trophy with small gifts, yummy treats, or the kids’ own drawings like the ones shown here.

While the labels shown above are no longer available, I found these free printable Father’s Day tags from Superflash Creative, which will look great on the front of his trophy.