This has been a tough year on parents, period. With Father’s Day coming up, there’s no more perfect time to think about a subscription gift for men that shows him you really, really get him. Not only are subscription gifts available with basically every theme you can imagine—so there’s one just right for him—but they will remind him he’s loved for months, or even the entire year.

This is a sweet opportunity to splurge on a special gift for dad that will keep on reminding him how much he’s loved for months or even all year long. And these cool subscription gifts for men are a fantastic way to do that.

Whether he loves to grill and drink beer (like all the Father’s Day greeting cards seem to imply), or prefers gardening, a great book, or just spending time with the kids, I’ve found a subscription gift for men that any dad, grandpa, or stepdad will adore.

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– this post has been updated for 2021 – 

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Best subscription boxes for men: Bespoke Post for Father's Day is great for picky guys who want to pick their own cool stuff

For the dad who’s super picky. : Bespoke Post high-end men’s gifts subscription box
($45/box, Bespoke Post)

A few years ago, I gave my husband a Bespoke Post subscription (also at top) for Father’s Day, and he really liked that he could log on, take a quiz, then choose his own themed box each month tailored to him. If he didn’t like the suggestion — there are others! There’s a huge range of items, from knives and cocktail kits to cooking tools, grooming gifts, audio and tech goodies, and travel accessories. And best of all, he’s not pigeonholed into any one theme.

Cool subscription gifts for men: Customized coffee subscription from Trade

For a dad who’s staying up late bingeing Netflix: Personalized coffee subscription box
(From $40 per box, Trade Coffee)

We’re huge fans of this personalized coffee subscription. In fact, we included it in our favorite subscriptions for Mother’s Day guide too. Here’s how it works: after completing a few questions about coffee preferences, from boldness to type of machine he uses to make it, Trade will recommend the beans they think Dad will love from small US roasters. Great coffee that supports small business too? Yes, please. Snag 50% off your first bag with code: CoolMomPicks50 (Note that Trade is a recent sponsor but we loooove them so…here they are!)


Cool subscription gifts for men: Hops Collective craft beers subscription has lots of options, for the guy who really loves beer.

For the dad missing a chance to throw one back with the guys: Craft beer subscription box
(From $33/month, Hops Collective)

With a subscription to Hops Collective, Dad can choose his own favorite beverages of choice, from domestic to European, ciders to rare blends — even a mystery crate if he’s excited to try anything at all. A great subscription gift for men who are true beer snobs.


Cool subscription gifts for men: For the new dad who's loving parenthood, the Rad Dad box has a little for him and a little for your baby.

For the new dad who’s totally crushing parenthood: Rad Dad subscription box
($22-38, Rad Dad, or order through Cratejoy)

This is not an easy time to be a new parent — and don’t discount dads in that equation. If he’s already in the running for New Dad of the Year, the Rad Dad crate is such a thoughtful gift for his first Father’s Day. It’s includes a nice mix of gifts that he can play with the baby,  but I love that it’s not a baby box, and includes plenty of goodies for Dad himself. Because let’s be honest, no dad wants a rattle for his Father’s Day gift, no matter how cute it is.

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Southern Scholar Socks: Best subscription gifts for men, and each pair donates one to a local healthcare worker

For the dad with style right down to his toes: Southern Scholar Sock Subscription
($13.75/mo and up)

We are such big fans of this indie company that sends the most fabulous dress socks each month! Liz’s partner has been a subscriber for a year and loves every pair he’s received, plus customer service rocks.

Best subscription gifts for men: Society Socks donate a pair for every pair he gets

Alternately, check out the Society Socks subscription box, with each shipment including pairs that are a little more whimsical — think more pineapples and lions, fewer simple stripes.They also give back one pair to people in need for each one purchased.  (From $57 for 3 months)

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Cool subscription gifts for men: Artisan foods from Mantry in a cool reusable crate.

For the foodie dad: Mantry artisan food subscription box
($75/every other month, Mantry)

If he’s loves trying new foods, I think a Mantry crate would be a fun subscription gift for Dad. Every two months, he gets six amazing food products from indie purveyors across America, all packaged in a cool reusable wooden crate. It’s filled with the kinds of small-label treats you might find at a favorite indie spot, like delicious spreads, artisanal sauces for meats, and fancy snacks.

Also, be sure to check out our post on 16 fabulous gourmet gift boxes for every kind of dad, should he be partial to cookies, bourbon, fancy teas, or vegan treats.

Cool Subscription Boxes for Dad: CrateChef

For the dad who loves to cook, not just eat: Crate Chef subscription box
(From $45, Crate Chef)

If he’s the dad who’d be sooner putting together a fabulous dinner on Father’s Day, then this Crate Chef subscription is a phenomenal gift. Each month, he’ll receive a box curated by a top chef or notable cookbook author, with recipes, ingredients, and fun new tools that he’ll need. It’s not a meal kit delivery service (though those could be a cool Father’s Day gift as well); it’s more like a delivery service allowing him to explore new techniques and flavors in the kitchen. Above, the Tony Gemignani box is shipping now!


Cool subscription gifts for men: Breo box is a great subscription for the tech geek in your life.

For the dad who loves trying new gadgets: Breo Box tech subscription box
(From $159 every 3 months, Breo Box)

I’m really impressed with the quality of items in each Breo Box subscription. While it’s tech-themed, it’s not all about computers. Each box includes one big item, like a Phone Soap Pro, a Click & Grow smart garden, or a drone. Then he gets 4 to 7 smaller items that are really useful — a luggage scale, a cocktail shaker, a body scrubber. I love that they curate items across categories like cooking, personal grooming, travel, and home care, which not only keeps things interesting, but it ups the chances that he’ll be getting gifts he doesn’t already own.


Cool subscription gifts for men: For the dad who coaches every single Little League season, a Coach Crates subscription is just what he needs.

For the little league coach dad: Coach Crates baseball subscription box
($33.99, Cratejoy)

You know the dad or grandpa who’s the first to sign up each season to coach the kids’ teams?  This is definitely the subscription box gift for him. He’ll get everything baseball that he’ll love, from training gear to books and sports equipment. I love that this box is unique in its focus on coaching, not just loving the sport. I’m hoping the come out with other sports soon, because I bet tons of basketball, soccer, and hockey coaches would love it as well.


Cool subscription gifts for men: Culture Carton sends great books and cool accessories for men.

For the dad who loves to read the good stuff, and look cool doing it: Culture Carton’s Book Club subscription box
(From $16/month for just books or $45/mo including lifestyle essentials, Culture Carton.
Also save 20% on your first sub with code CULTURE

If your dad is an avid reader, then he’ll like the Culture Carton subscription box “for the cultured man.”  You can order books only (which would be my husband’s choice, as he can’t put down a good book) or you can choose a box including one great book plus a few cool related lifestyle accessories, like ties or socks, keychains, bookmarks or sunglasses. You can even enhance the box with extra surprises of your choosing, like a game he’d like, funky playing cards or a new journal. I think that’s a great extra you could add for the box that arrives during his birthday month or on an important anniversary.

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Cool subscription gifts for men: For the guy who loves a good puzzle, an Escape the Crate escape room subscription is perfect.

For the dad who loves a good mystery: Escape the Crate escape room subscription box
($26.50/month, Cratejoy)

If your kids love visiting Escape Rooms with their dad or grandpa, then this cool Escape the Crate subscription will be right up his alley. Each box includes clues to take you through a one-hour long escape room-style mystery puzzle. While other similar boxes can be too easy or too “homemade” feeling, this one is fantastic. USA Today Even ranked this subscription one of their 10 favorites. Fun for date night, or an afternoon with the kids. 


Cool subscription gifts for men: A Birchbox Grooming subscription is a great, affordable gift for guys.

For the dad who cares about how he looks on those Zoom calls: Birchbox Grooming subscription box
(From $10/month, Birchbox)

A Birchbox subscription is a cool way for any man to try out new grooming products before investing a lot of money in them. For just $10 a month, he gets 5 new sample-size products tailored to his own preferences and needs, from anti-aging and skincare to beard care. It’s so affordable, plus a great way to discover new products that might not be available at your local drugstore.

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Cool subscription gifts for men: Loot Crate has great subscription boxes for every kind of geek, from the gamer to the superhero fan.

For the dad who’s proud to be a geek: Loot Crate subscription box
(From $25, Loot Crate)

What’s your geek dad really into these days? Because Loot Crate has themed boxes for all of them, including anime, Marvel, Harry Potter, My Hero AcademiaFallout…you name it. Each one includes cool gear like tees, stickers, books, and toys. Just make sure the kids know this one is just for dad!

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Subscription gifts for moms: A monthly bottle of wine from Winc!

For the dad who knows his Albarino from his Aligoté. Or wants to. : Winc Wine subscription box
(From $11/bottle, Winc)

Winc was a sponsor of ours a few months ago, and we enjoyed them so much that several of us signed up for their subscription ourselves! So far…we’re loving it, so we thought it would be a fantastic Father’s Day gift subscription for the right man, too. The great thing about this service is that he can know exactly what he loves — or not at all — and he’ll still get bottles that suits his tastes, thanks to a cool flavor preference quiz up front. They’ll match him with wines they think he’ll enjoy, but he can always swap out the recos for a sure thing.


Cool subscription gifts for men: For the avid golfer, new gear and apparel each month from Short Par 4 is a great gift.

For the dad who is really missing his golf game: Golf subscription box
(From $49.99/month, Short Par 4)

Yes, golf and dads are kind of cliche but…lots of dads love golf. With some courses just starting to open up again in time for summer, dads who love the links can get even more excited with some fresh gear each month. A Short Par 4 subscription box is kind of like Stitch Fix, but for golf fanatics. Choose your price level, and he’ll receive items like apparel, golf shoes, hats or fresh golf gloves each month.


Cool subscription gifts for men: A gourmet subscription of jerky from Mouth.

For the dad who dad who likes jerky…like, a lot: Jerky of the Month subscription box
($60/month for 3 months, Mouth)

Of course a jerky-only subscription gift is not for every man. But if the dad in your life can’t get enough of the stuff, then this is such a fun, unexpected gift. It’s particularly great if he’s into camping or other outdoorsy hobbies that require quick, protein-filled snacks, only there arena Slim Jims here! We’re talking serious artisanal jerkies from bacon, brisket, salmon or wild game, from top indie brands you won’t find at the supermarket. It’s a fun, quirky gift for a dad with an adventurous palate.


Cool subscription gifts for men: The super affordable Vinyl Post sends you new indie vinyl records each month.

For the dad with a turntable Vinyl Post subscription box
($4/month, Cratejoy)

For just $4 a month—yes, four dollars!—Dad can get a new postcard in the mail each month hat doubles as a vinyl record from a new indie artist. If the dad in your life is owns a turntable, and loves being able to drop a band name like oh, say, Yot Club into conversation, then this is a subscription box for him that there’s no way he already has.


Cool subscription gifts for men: Urban Organic Gardener's mostly heirloom seed subscription is perfect for the guy with a green thumb.

For the dad with a green thumb: A seed club subscription box
($5/month and up, Urban Organic Gardener on Cratejoy)

Whether your dad is into growing his own quarantine garden or has always loved horticulture, he’ll be excited to receive a new package of organic, non-GMO heirloom seeds each month tailored to your own climate and growing conditions. Plus, he’ll get some gardening supplies to go with those seeds. Bonus: Access to the whole community-based website. they chat mostly about urban gardening — how to grow seeds in your apartment, on your fire escape, on your rooftop — but of course, you can grow all these seeds in suburbia too.


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