The past few Father’s Days that we’ve celebrated, it seems more dads are finding the joys of practical Father’s Day gifts. Whether it helps him around the house, helps him master the WAH thing, lets him enjoy cooking more, or pampers him — just a bit — with something he needs anyway, we love all these practical Father’s Day gifts. Especially because they still happen to be pretty cool.

Not that some dads wouldn’t appreciate a quart of oil when it comes to practicality. But like, you don’t need us for that idea.

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15 cool but practical Father's Day gifts for Dad this year | cool mom picks gift guide

Cool But Practical Father’s Day Gifts:
15 Ideas for Dads We Adore

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Cool but practical Father's Day gifts 2022: The Tushy bidet is...wonderful!

Tushy 3.0 Spa Bidet

($110 on sale, Amazon  or check the Bidet 2.0 on sale for $89)

Easy to install, joyous to use. They sent us one to try out and uh… life-changing. Plus, you save on TP!

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: A gift subscription to Audible

Audible Gift Subscription

($7.95/ month and up, Audible with 30-day free trial)

Gift him a brand new audiobook or a whole subscription so he can pick for himself. Each month includes one free book credit, too.

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the best men's t-shirt: Uniqlo's u-neck crew makes a perfectly practical gift for Dad

The Perfect Men’s T-Shirt

($14.90 on sale, Uniqlo)

By all accounts, this u-neck crew from Uniqlo is the perfect men’s t-shirt at a fantastic price. . It’s thick, durable, and my own fella owns a few in different colors. (As do I!)


Mylio Photos Subscription : Practical Father's Day Gift to help him organize, scan and edit all his photos

A Service to Scan, Edit, and Organize All His Photos

($9.99/mo or $99/year after 30-day free trial, Myliio Photos)

What a joy to finally have all those shoeboxes and albums full of family snapshots preserved digitally. We’re big fans of this desktop and mobile app that helps organize, edit, and share all those photos that are living across different platforms and devices.

If he needs a photo scanner, this one from Cannon is highly rated, and under $100.

Skillshare course subscription: Practical Father's Day gifts that are still cool

Courses to Sharpen His Career Skills or Learn Something New

(1 month free, then $14/month with an annual membership for unlimited classes, Skillshare)

Skillshare offers an incredible array of courses in everything from marketing and social media management to video editing, children’s book publishing, starting a business, or learning an instrument. With over 25,000 classes, there are surely a few that are perfect for him.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts for 2022: The Oster cordless rechargeable wine bottle opener

Oster Cordless Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener 

($24.99, Target)

The easiest way to open a bottle of wine in seconds? Now that’s a practical Father’s Day gift.
(Psst…if you want to spend a little more, I’m a huge fan of the OXO Vertical Level Corkscrew!)


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts 2022: Cuisinart Coffee Bean Burr Grinder

Cuisinart Coffee Bean Grinder 

($39.95 on sale, Amazon with coupon)

More of a coffee guy than a wine guy? Thanks to this sweet g rinder, his morning coffee will never be the same.

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Practical but cool Father's Day gifts: Data privacy and security of a Nord VPN subscription

A Nord VPN Subscription

(Monthly plans $12.99/mo and up, or save up to 74% on one- or two-year plans, after 30-day free trial)

Does he have data privacy and security fears? We get it! A perfect practical Father’s Day gift is a subscription to Nord VPN. This way he can log on, connect to a VPN server, and reap very practical benefits like high-speed access anywhere,  top-level encryption, malware protection — and with a Plus or Ultimate Plan, he gets a password manager, ad blockers, and encrypted cloud storage.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Smith Mountain Bike Helmets are the best!

Smith Mountain Bike Helmet

($85 and up, Amazon)

According to our resident mountain biking experts, these are tops. And keeping him safe is always a gift of love.


Gift cards to his favorite local theater like Alamo drafthouse makes a cool but practical Father's Day gift

A gift card to his favorite local theater

Alamo Drafthouse (above) is a favorite of mine and I’m a fan of supporting indie theaters — my kids got their stepdad a gift card here and he was thrilled. But you you can give Dad a card towards your local theater or get one from Fandango, which can be used almost anywhere. Hey, popcorn doesn’t seem quite so expensive when someone else is paying for it.

A gift subscription to Disney Plus or Apple TV Plus makes a cool but practical Father's Day gift
Disney Plus

If he prefers watching movies from the comfort of home, get him a subscription to a service he doesn’t have yet like Disney Plus (Marvel! Pixar!) or Apple TV Plus (Severance! Ted Lasso!) — that’s what I did for my own dad.

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones Travel Bundle

Bose Quiet Comfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones Travel Bundle

($299 on sale, Amazon)

For a music-lover, traveler, commuter, or WAH dad who just needs to tune out the world for a bit. We get it.

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts 2022: Sandalwood beard pick from Evan Alexander Grooming

My Beard Leave-In Conditioner + A Handcrafted Wooden Beard Pick

($25 + $12.97 on sale, Evan Alexander Fine Grooming)

Has he become a dad with a beard?  Help him take good care of it.

Practical but cool gifts for Father's Day: Hand weights in an array of colors

Dumbell Hand Weights

($3.99-25.99, Target)

These handsome hand weights are comfy, affordable, smartly designed, and perfect for a practical dad who isn’t up for a gym membership.


Hydroflask: A practical but cool Father's Day gift

40 oz Hydroflask

($37 on sale for a limited time, Amazon)

If he’s still drinking out of a freebie plastic water bottle with a random logo, this is a practical but cool upgrade for Father’s Day. (Plus, we found them for 25% off!)

Practical Father's Day Gifts: The Uno Casa portable cast-iron hibachi grill at a great price

Portable Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

($89 on sale Uno Casa shop on Amazon)

Is a grill too cliché? Not if he’s never owned one! This highly-rated portable charcoal grill is affordable, sturdy, and doesn’t take up much space to store in the garage — or the front closet, if he’s an urban apartment dweller.

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