This week on the Spawned with Kristen + Liz Parenting Podcast, we knew there was only one topic we could possibly cover: Sending our kids back to school As in, should we send our kids back to school?  When should we send our kids back to school? Ack!

It seems to be all any parent is talking about, online, offline, in community groups, and over Zoom cocktails.

To cut to the chase: there’s no right answer. There’s only the answer that’s right for your family, and that may even change by the week or the day.

So we put together a list of 14 considerations you should take into your decision-making process. These are all based on the conversations we’re hearing from a wide variety of parents right now.

Of course the first step is to assess all our options (in-school learning, distance learning, hybrid learning, homeschooling, educational pods…) but the next step is to asking ourselves some tough questions — including a bunch that you may not have considered just yet. Breaking it down this way really makes it easier, and we think will help make things clearer.

You can even write them all down and go through them as a family, which is a big help.

So parents, if you’re struggling with this today — or just want confirmation that your current decision is the right one (for right now) — we hope you’ll take a listen to our discussion here or on Apple Podcasts or your favorite app.

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Our Cool Picks of the Week 

The Babysitters Club reboot on Netflix is good fun

Kristen – The 2020 Babysitters Club reboot on Netflix is making her family very happy. It’s a great throwback to our own childhoods, and it’s been modernized…but not too modernized.

(Plus it’s gotten Liz’s stepdaughter into reading the books! Find them on Amazon, or through Indiebound.)

Riveting: The Line is a doc-style play now streaming free from the NY Public Theater, all based on real interviews with NYC's front-line medical workers during the Covid peak.

Liz – For viewing a little more for the adults, a strong recommendation for The Line, written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen and presenting by New York Public Theater. Written like a play, streaming like a documentary-style movie, starring an incredible cast of actors who bring to life the early days of the Covid crisis in NYC, all taken from real interviews with first-line responders and medical professionals. It’s important and it’s riveting.  Stream on the NY Public Theater site or the Public Theater YouTube channel free for a limited time.

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