After reading (and raging over) the Five Thirty Eight article, How the Pandemic Could Force a Generation of Mothers Out of the Workforce, we knew we had to have a candid discussion about it with Katherine Goldstein, the award-winning journalist, working mom expert, and The Double Shift podcast host.

(You may remember her from our episode 157, Working Mom Guilt: It’s Not You, It’s the System. She’s amazing!)

Tune in for a passionate, helpful, sympathetic discussion about the childcare crisis, why it’s happening (*ahemgovernment*), who it’s impacting most, what we can do about it — and what will happen if we don’t do anything.

Katherine Goldstein on the impossible burdens put on working moms due to the lack of childcare options during the pandemic. | Spawned parenting podcast with Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks

Yes, it’s a feisty episode!

Be sure to listen for Katherine’s brilliant alternative to mom shaming when it comes to our decidedly limited choices this fall, and where we should direct our frustration and anger instead. We love it!

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