By now, I think our readers are aware that that creating more equity and representation for Black Americans across every industry is one of the most impactful ways to dismantle racist systems.  So as a fan of original rock portraits — and of organizations that promote more racial equity —  I was elated to see them come together in the online auction for Equality for Black Artists.

100% of the proceeds support The Black Artists and Designers Guild thanks to some really generous artists, and wow, I want pretty much everything listed.

Top: RUN DCM portrait © Danny Clinch

Check out the nearly 20 original signed photographs, artwork, and original artists’ proofs from some remarkable photographers, painters and graphic artists, and you’ll see what I mean.

I caught wind of it through my friend, photographer Danny Clinch, whose iconic Run DMC portrait (above) is included in the auction — signed, no less. Trust me, you will never regret owning any photo he’s ever shot.

You’ll also find Mick Rock‘s Queen 2 album cover which surely you’ll recognize, Freddy fans. Or if you’re looking for gallery-quality fine art beyond photographs, you can find spectacular work from Richard Phillips, Al Baseer Holly + Sew Trill (their limited edition signed print, below), Trouble Andrew, Russ Pope and more.

Queen 2 Album Cover original artwork © Mick Rock: Bid now with proceeds supporting Black artistsQueen 2 © Mick Rock

Signed artwork by Ali-Baseer and Holly Sew Trill : Bid now with proceeds supporting Black artists
© Al-Baseer Holly + Sew Trill 

I’m also very taken with Blanda’s Five Women, a lovely tribute to 5 generations of women in her family. She’ll probably keep the original forever, but you can bid on a stunning museum-quality signed archival pigment print.

Did I happen to mention that it’s for a great cause?

100% of the proceeds support BADG, The Black Artists and Designers Guild. a global nonprofit working to advance the community of independent Black artists, makers and designers in creative industries — when I see all they’re doing, they’re an org that should be on our radar anyway.

Right now, find nearly 20 photographs and artwork up for auction on the RallyUp site, courtesy Solento Organic Tequila. In fact, maybe drink some of the tequila first — I hear it helps you bid a little higher.