Parents have always played a huge part in kids’ reading skills, but that’s never been more true than it is now. It’s not just our toddlers and preschoolers either. Yay, virtual school. (/scarcasm) So we were so happy to chat with ah absolutely fascinating guest, Dr. Cindy Blanco, who’s a language expert and learning scientist — which may be one of Liz’s secret “if I weren’t doing this…” dream jobs.

Language expert and learning scientist Dr. Cindy Blanco on helping kids learn to read

She has some incredible advice about the connection between language and literacy, so much of which was new to us. And she offers some terrific, simple tips to help kids with reading and writing — and they really take the pressure off.

(Off of us, as well. Because, yeah, it can get frustrating.)

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If you have questions for Dr. Cindy Blanco, you can find her on twitter @yeahthatcindy, and she also happens to be a Senior Learning Scientist with our sponsor, Duolingo ABC, which is how we found her! (And we’re so glad we did.)

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