Oh, what a year 2020 has been. And since it’s only mid-November, that means we’ve still got a good seven, eight years left of it! Which gives you plenty of time to get a hold of this 2020 toilet paper ornament while you can.

Perhaps when you think back on 2020 in years to come, you’ll think of the toilet paper gouging on Amazon. Perhaps you’ll fondly remember savoring each and every soft, delightful square of Charmin while it lasted into late spring. Or maybe you just want to flush your memories of the year down the toilet entirely.

Either way, I imagine this is the perfect glass keepsake ornament to remind you during future holiday seasons, “could be worse. Could be 2020.”

2020 toilet paper ornament perfectly embodies this past year | Cool Mom Picks

Grab your 2020 toilet paper ornament from Always Fits. Note: Not made of actual toilet paper. That would cost a lot more.