Liz has cancelled Thanksgiving. Kristen is staying in her bubble. We’ve worried, we’ve cried, we’ve reconciled with it, and then sometimes we’re not quite so reconciled. We’re being honest about what we’re missing and what sucks and what the problems are and who we’re judging (ahem leadership) and who we’re trying not to judge. We discuss why women bear so much of the brunt of these decisions, as always.

We’re also finding silver linings that aren’t annoyingly pollyanna-ish, and laughing about our 2020 stuffing choices (from a box). And we’re talking about it all this week.

We think you’ll find it helpful, cathartic, and actually, kind of fun. Take a listen right now, through Apple Podcasts or your own favorite app.

The tough parts and the silver linings of a pandemic holiday season: Some venting and some inspiration | Spawned parenting podcast Episode 221

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Kristen: Big fan of Thrive Causemetics (also a cool pick from previous guests), but she’s especially raving about the Eye Brightener, (Liz concurs!) and has some great tips for how to use it.

Liz: is a simple way to manage your secret Santa gift exchanges…or in her case, a Secret Knope exchange with girlfriends. 

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