Inspired by the laid-back, powerful, and very modern style of Kamala Harris? If the answer is yes, duh, then we have a pair of socks you’ll want to add to your wardrobe, ASAP. You know, to go with those Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

These The Future is Female socks from hot sock brand, Gumball Poodle, are a colorful nod to this historic moment. And considering they run just $13 a pair, they’re more accessible than the stunning suit she wore in this recent TikTok and Instagram video from her niece, Meena Harris.

Although hey, if a divinely tailored rosé power suit is within your means, I say go for it.

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Kamala Harris wearing The Future is Female socks and we found them! | Image: Meena Harris via TikTok and InstagramImage:Meena Harris @Meena

Future is Female socks as worn by our next VP Kamala Harris

On a personal level, I really love that America’s (not so distant) future VP and one of America’s most admired women happens to have a playful fashion sense that allows her to communicate inspiring messages — all without compromising her strength and power. I bet a lot of 21st century working women can see themselves reflected back.

Pick up a pair of socks for anyone in your life who needs a reminder that the future will be shaped by a more female perspective, and in fact, that that future is now.

Find the Future is Female socks worn by Kamala Harris from Gumball Poodle. They’re available at Amazon and Sockologie but sold out already. Of course!

Editor’s Note:  if you want a good explainer about what “The Future is Female” means, read this smart article from Madame Ghandi.