If the continued interest over Michelle Obama’s lovely “Vote” necklace from last month’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was any indication, many of us are also eager to promote our voting rights loud and proud, this critically important election year.

And PS we’re big fans of buying the original Vote necklace, designed by a Black woman and small business owner, instead of buying knock-offs that say “Michelle Obama’s Vote necklace” in the ads in our Instagram fees. Sigh.

But we do know that there are lots of great designers making beautiful statement jewelry right now, and we’re especially fans of those that not only remind us all of our obligation to vote, but use profits to help support organizations hat make it easy for other to vote too.

Remember, it’s not just the presidency on the line this November — there are important down ballot races at the state and community level, local ballot initiatives, school board positions — it’s all important. And your voice is needed.

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This VOTE bracelet supports voters' rights with a donation to the League of Women's Voters

As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment which gave (white) women the right to vote, the Vote Bracelet from Uncommon Goods lets you both acknowledge this historic moment and support increased women’s voting with $5 from each bracelet sale going to the League of Women Voters.

I love it in brass, as shown above, but it also comes in sterling silver. Keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for either, as they are backordered due to high demand. We hope that is a good sign. ($85; or see the Vote necklace, $50)


Peggy Li's Double Wave earrings donate 25% of sales to protect voters' rights through the ACLU

We’ve been long-time fans of Bay Area jeweler Peggy Li — check out Liz’s necklace post from 2011! — and her politically minded Blue Wave Jewelry Collection has especially caught my eye this fall. With every beautifully crafted piece under $100, starting at $24 for a ring, there’s a lot to choose from. Personally, I love the meaning of the Double Wave Earrings with Blue Lapis (shown), a hopeful symbol for this November’s election, or check out the design as an elegant blue lapis pendant necklace.

Bonus; Through December, 25% of sales of her entire Blue Wave Collection are donated to the ACLU to help protect voting rights. But you know, buy it now.

Peggy Li's VOTE Necklace helps support voting rights with a percentage going to the ACLU

Another pick from Peggy Li that I love that also supports the ACLU: Her cursive “Vote” necklace in sterling silver or 14k gold-filled.


Jewelry supporting voters rights orgs: This cool Ballot box necklace in sterling silver and gold plate is better than an "I voted" sticker!

Though I do like getting one of those “I voted” stickers at my polling location, this little metal cubed I’m a Voter ballot box necklace from Uncommon Goods makes a much more fashionable statement in sterling silver and gold plate — and if you’re voting by mail, this is kind of cooler than a sticker anyway. I especially love the subtle “I’m a voter” tag at the clasp.

Psst…This would also make a cool gift for an 18-year-old voting in their first election!

$5 from each sale is donated to Democracy Works, a nonprofit organization that works to make sure everyone who wants to vote is able to vote. Pretty cool. (necklace is $68;  all-silver keychain design is just $30)

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Jewelry supporting voters rights orgs: Ballot Box earrings from Dissent Pins donate 50% to the New Georgia Project

Look closely — what looks like a cool geometric design is actually a quartet of ballot boxes! These affordable drop earrings let you be a walking PSA for voting; people will ask, “What are your earrings supposed to be?” to which you can say, “They are ballot boxes to remind everyone of the importance of voting in every election! And 50% of my purchase was donated to The New Georgia Project, which helps register voters in Georgia!”

Isn’t that easy?

These 24k gold-plated earrings ($21.95) come with either black or bright blue accents, and are made by a longtime favorite shop of ours, the politically active site Dissent Pins. You may remember them as the source of the RBG collar pin that has generated a whole lot of conversations when I’ve worn it.



Jewelry supporting voters rights orgs: Blue beaded VOTE bracelets from Bird & Stone donate 10% to fabulous, impactful voting orgs

Combining both natural blue Lapis beads and mottled turquoise beads, I know my teens and I would both love to wear the eye-catching Vote bracelet from Bird and Stone. (Liz owns one of their cuff bracelets and loves it.)

10% of each bracelet sale goes to grassroots organizations that encourage voter participation and educate current and future voters like Stacey Abram’s Fair Fight, Let NY Vote, and Black Voters Matter Fund. Order the set of two and stack them or give one to your BVF. That’s, Best Voting Friend. (single bracelet for $25, double on sale for $48; pre-order now for shipping in 2-3 weeks)

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Jewelry supporting voters rights orgs: Fine jewelry Vote necklace from HaverhillIf you want to splurge on a piece of keepsake jewelry you can pass down to your kids, you can’t go wrong with Haverhill Collection’s stunning VOTE necklace.  Made of solid 14k gold, this is truly fine jewelry….at a fine price. With 10% of the proceeds going to vote.org, you can feel good that a decent portion of your splurge is helping another organization make it possible for more people to vote. And that is priceless.

We’d just suggest you make sure you’ve maxed out contributions to your own favorite candidates and supported voter’s rights orgs before you put $500+ toward this necklace.