For more than a decade now (wow), our team has been carefully curating our guide to the very best baby gifts of the year and 2021 is no different. We are beyond thrilled to launch our all new Baby Gift Guide 2021. Whoo!! 

I mean, if there’s ever a year that new parents needed a little extra love, we’re going to say it’s this one. Especially if you still can’t get together and shower that sweet new baby in person.

So we’ve spent months to be sure our readers find terrific ideas for practical baby gifts, funny baby gifts (we always love those!), gifts for new dads, feminist baby gifts — that boys will love too — and even a whole list of cool baby gifts under $10. We’ve got gifts from the big shops, of course, but also so many wonderful ideas to help you support the small businesses we love too.

Baby Shower Gifts 2021: The Cool Mom Picks Editor Favorites

The best practical baby gifts
The best personalized baby gifts
The best handmade baby gifts
The best funny baby gifts
The best baby gifts for dads
The best feminist baby gifts 
The best baby gifts under $10
10 unique baby gift ideas


The best baby gifts 2021: 100 carefully curated baby gifts from our very picky editors! | Cool Mom Picks 2021 baby gift guide

I feel the need to add one note, because it’s important: There’s been such a big change in online publishing since we first started Cool Mom Picks. These days, it seems like a lot of publishers just kind of search “best baby gifts” and then pop up a list of the first things they see, in order to make affiliate commissions, or rank higher in Google listings. Maybe you’ve noticed that too?

That’s not who we are, and it’s never been who are.

Besides, it’s frustrating!

When we say you’ll find great baby gifts under $10, they really are great — and we even offer you tips to make those affordable gifts more special.  When we share the most practical baby gifts, our list comes from speaking with dozens of parents for their input. And when we share feminist baby gifts, we do the research to be sure they’re supporting women authors, artists, and women-run shops — not some guy in a far-off country who’s just stamping a slogan on a onesie.

And with that, we hope you’ll enjoy this 2021 Baby Gift Guide. It really is a labor of love. (Pun kind of intended, sorry, we’re dad joke fans!)

If you love it too, we hope you’ll share it with the other generous parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cool gift-givers in your life, which helps support our own small business too.

Happy shopping!

Our 2021 Baby Gift Guide is brought to you in part by Chicco, who makes the kinds of practical, affordable baby gifts
we’ve always included in our guides. You can find them online, through the big stores, and even at small specialty retailers in your own community.