Since the pandemic started last year (LOLSOB), I’ve been trying to give myself manicures, which goes pretty well until I get to the part where I can’t do anything for a few hours while I wait for my nails to dry. That was until I decided to give Expressie, Essie’s quick-dry nail polish, a try. And well, let’s just say, I may never go back to the nail salon again!

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Review of Expressie quick dry nail polish | Cool Mom Picks

I grabbed a couple of Expressie colors at my local drug store, along with the Essie quick-dry top coat. After two coats of the Expressie and one coat of the top-coat, I was doing all the things we busy moms do (washing 50 cups, folding 400 towels…) after just a few minutes. They say it’s supposed to be fully dry after one-minute, and for the first time ever in the history of supposed quick-dry nail polishes, I 100% concur.

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Granted, it does not help you try to do the awkward non-dominant hand painting job (oof!), but as you can see from the photos (which I took a full 24 hours after I polished my nails), they look pretty darn good. No chips, no weird patterns from accidentally bumping your half-dry nails on the carpet, no nothing.

And while I don’t expect it to last longer than a few days, at least I know that for $18 (one bottle of Expressie and one bottle of top coat), I can safely give myself at-home manicures without looking like I was trying to keep a toddler busy.

This is not a sponsored post. I trekked out in the snow like a dummy to buy the product and try it myself. Cool Mom Picks is a reward style affiliate.