Well, hey there scientists at Johnson & Johnson! Did you hear us singing your praises (loudly, and possibly with some happy tears) this weekend as your single-dose vaccine joins Moderna and Pfizer on the approved Covid vaccine list? Because we did.

Clearly I’m not the only one proclaiming my gratitude — or willing to wear it on my chest. So I loooooove this brand spankin’ new Gotta Yeet This Virus, Aight! t-shirt from Nathalie Thorson, which adapts the now classic Helvetica list shirts perfectly for the close-to-post-pandemic era.

Props to Minnesota artist Nathalie Thorson for honoring this moment that brings us that much closer to the whole “everyone who wants a vaccine can get a vaccine” promise.

(Single dose, you guys! That’s huge!)

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We love the vaccination t-shirt from the Cotton Bureau: Moderna & Pfizer & Johnson & Johnson

As for the t-shirt, it comes in plenty of sizes and styles, including youth and toddler,  so you can get one for every pro-vaxxer in your life. Which, hopefully is every single person in your life. Because science. And Fauci. And herd immunity. And trying to get back to life as we knew it from the Before Times, as soon as scientifically possible. God, I miss hugging people.

Find the new Covid vaccination Helvetica tee, better known as Gotta Yeet This Virus, Aight! from Nathalie Thorson on Cotton Bureau. If that sounds like Latin to you, ask your kids. They’ll explain.