The world is a little overwhelming these days (understatement of the year, right?) and sometimes we just need to kick back, chill out, and as a wise songwriter once sang, forget about life for a while.

Oh, and laugh. More laughing please!


One way to do all of the above: grab a copy of Back in the Burbs, from our sponsor, Entangled Publishing, stat. From best-selling authors Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn, this rom-com novel is the good, escapist fun that so many of us are craving right now.

Ready for the juicy plot?

Back in the Burbs by best-selling authors Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn may be the escapist, laugh-out-loud fun we all need right now (sponsor)

Soon after 35-year old Mallory catches her can’t-be-soon-enough ex cheating with his paralegal, she loses her NYC apartment, her job, her money, and frankly, her dignity. Oh, and that’s just in three months. But a little unexpected joy comes into her life in the form of a suburban house willed to her by her beloved great aunt. And she’s going to use this opportunity to (ahem) grab life by the family jewels and fight to get her life back on track.

That is, once she can get past the house’s 47 separate HOA violations, a neighbor from hell, men “too sexy for their own good” and….well, there’s more.

This hilarious page-turner has been called an “absolute gem of a book,” and a “love letter to the joys of sorting out your life,”  both of which sound pretty great to us at the end of a long day.

And hey, we can always use the reminder that women are resilient as hell.

Head over to Amazon to grab a copy of Back in the Burbs, from best-selling authors Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn. The ebook is available for download too. 

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