What is the “Janet Jackson rule” exactly? Let’s just say it could really help you succeed in your career (and has nothing to do with wardrobe malfunctions that were entirely the fault of a guy but that’s another story).

If you’re a working woman — or a man, frankly — and whether you’re a manager or just want to help support, mentor, and elevate more women in your life, you’ll find smart tips like this one, insightful observations, and loads of support from this interview with Kate Eberle-Walker, working mom, CEO, and author of The Good Boss: Nine Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work

Kate Eberle-Walker nails how working moms are feeling right now. Every. Single. Day. | Spawned parenting podcast with Kristen and Liz

It’s such a helpful, supportive, and yeah, cathartic chat about what’s happening with women in the workplace today, how things have changed (a lot!) in the past year, why we need paid parental leave, and what we can all do in general to lift up more women in the workplace and create more equity and opportunity for all.

Plus, we’ve got a few bad boss stories. Because we just had to, right?

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And of course, be sure to stick around to the end for our Cool Picks of the Week, and learn why we’re talking up the Olbas Inhaler as a natural way to breathe better, and Interior Chinatown: A Novel, by Charles Yu, which should be at the top of your to-read list.

The Good Boss: A terrific book about supporting women in the marketplace whether you're a manager, or want some insight into how yours functions | Spawned parenting podcast

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