If you know anything about me and my family, you might have guessed that we’d be marking our calendars for the launch of My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton, which will be added to the Little Golden Book library this coming September.

As a Nashville-native, I’ve done my civic duty to teach my kids about America’s greatest natural resource: Dolly Parton. They were able to belt out Jolene word-for-word from the first day in line at their preschool parking lot, and they’ve all been members of Dolly’s Imagination Library. We’ve made a family pilgrimage to her hometown of Pigeon Forge, TN (highly recommend!), and we’ve even watched the Drunk History episode about Dolly Parton all together.

And hey, now so many of us are recipients of the Moderna Covid vaccine that she (quietly) helped to fund. It’s like…Dolly is literally in our blood!

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The new Dolly Parton Little Golden Book for kids, coming soon. Yay!

So how thrilling that My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton has Queen Dolly joining the library of nearly 500 iconic Little Golden Books, with biographical figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jackie RobinsonKamala Harris, and classics like Abraham Lincoln. And hey, if you ask me I’m also looking forward to the new kids’ biography from Little Golden Books featuring the inimitable Betty White. Though that one won’t be out until closer to Christmas.

Or as we now think of it, Dolly Parton Christmas Special Season.

You can preorder the My Little Golden Book About Dolly Parton by Deborah Hopkinson and Monique Dong now, for September delivery. It’s available from Amazon, from Indiebound, or your own favorite independent bookstore.