So, how about 2021, parents? It’s been a pretty rough year (which we know, understatement of the century), and well, let’s just say, we could use a laugh. We could also use a few other things too (cough hugging friends cough), but for now, a good hearty laugh will do. Not that needing a laugh as parents is something new. As Liz and I have said many times: if we weren’t laughing, we’d be crying.

But with our kids around almost 24-7, the laugh seems a little more urgent. Does this look familiar?

Thankfully, we’ve found little silver linings to cheer us up along the way, one of which is Back in the Burbs, the newest book from our sponsor Entangled Publishing, which Kristen read in one single 3-hour waiting in the car at field hockey sitting. It’s just that good. And hilarious. Like, laugh out loud funny (and not the LOL we all use in texts).

It’s these small things that can go a long way to making days where we’re cleaning up the 4000 bowls and plates and cups surrounding our children like a fortress just a little bit easier. Just us? Gosh, we hope not.

Back in the Burbs by best-selling authors Tracy Wolff and Avery Flynn may be the escapist, laugh-out-loud fun we all need right now (sponsor)

You can find Back in the Burbs, from our sponsor Entangled Publishing, at