For years, we’ve been recommending cool subscription gifts that make great gifts, and that includes Trade Coffee. So we’re happy to partner with them on a fantastic deal — right in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. too.

Right now, we’re offering our readers 50% off your first bag of Trade coffee through this link with code COOLMOMPICKS50 and that’s kind of awesome.

Trade coffee subscription: An amazing Mother's Day gift, totally customized to her tastes and preferences (partner)

If you haven’t yet experienced the joy that is Trade coffee, you’re in for a treat. They make it super easy to get your favorite mug full of phenomenal coffee from small local roasters, all curated to suit your own preferences, ground to your specs — or delivered as whole beans –and delivered right to your door.

You start by taking a fun quiz on the site to help you decide which blends you’ll like best, what kind of coffee maker you use, even how you take your coffee. Turns out some beans are more suited to milk or sugar than others.

Who knew! (Okay, maybe you knew. I didn’t.)

Subscription gift ideas for Mother's Day: A subscription from Trade coffee (partner)

When you gift a Trade Coffee subscription to someone else (hint hint, don’t forget the moms in your life, especially brand new moms) then your lucky recipient gets to take the quiz. That way they get exactly what they want. Some moms are very particular! You can even add in some fun coffee accessories to your gift subscription, like kettles, filters, cold brew accessories, or a top-rated grinder for whole beans to replace the old one I’ve had for 20 years.

I mean, to replace the old one for whoever you’re shopping for. Of course.

New cold brew supplies from trade coffee (and how to get your first bag for 50% off! (partner)

We all love that with Trade Coffee, you get the convenience of a subscription, while helping support local roasters around the country. Plus, the coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting to arrive at the peak of freshness, and that’s not a small thing.

In fact, a couple of years ago, I ordered a favorite small brand of coffee off Famous Big Online Site, and my beans arrived expired and couldn’t be returned. I’m still mad.

Order a coffee subscription for yoursef or a gift subscription in time for Mother’s Day, and get 50% off your first bag of Trade coffee when you order through this link and use code COOLMOMPICKS50. Shipping is free too!

Thanks to our partner Trade Coffee for supporting us. We’ve loved them forever!