The number of innovative baby products today that make us say, where was that when I had a baby?! seems to be growing by the second. And now there’s a genius new baby bottle that answers every concern we had (and even wrote about here) when our kids were on bottles. So …bummer for us, but lucky for you new parents!

Chicco, also the wonderful sponsors of our Guide to the Best Baby Gifts of 2021 is out with a brilliant solution for parents in their new Chicco Duo hybrid baby bottle. Its the first of its kind hybrid baby bottle, that combines the best of glass and best of plastic all together.

In other words, you get the wellness benefits of glass — no leaching chemicals, no phthalates, and easy cleaning — with the convenience of plastic (no fear of breaking, yay)  in one lightweight bottle.

The reinvention of the baby bottle: The Chicco Duo combines the best of a glass bottle with the convenience, durability, and portability of plastic (sponsor)

I know we researched every baby bottle up the whazoo when our kids were babies. So for those of you who want to get technical, the Chicco Duo uses the same advanced technology of  pharmaceutical and medical products, essentially bonding the ultra-thin glass layers to the interior of a premium exterior made of plastic.

That way your baby’s breast milk or formula is only touching glass, but you can feel confident toting around a bottle that won’t drop and shatter like an all-glass bottle can.

Even the Intui-Latch nipples are well-considered, made with colic reducing technology, and generating a 9 out of 10 baby acceptance rate. Or in human terms: Babies like the nipples. Babies take the nipples. Babies are happy.

And that’s kind of what we’re going for here as new parents.


The Chicco Duo baby bottle is first-of-its kind hybrid baby bottle that is break-proof, lightweight and long-lasting and importantly shields baby’s milk from plastic [sponsor]

You can find the Chicco Duo Bottle from our sponsor Chicco at, or learn more on the Chicco website.

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