I’m a woman on the other side of 40, and when DefenAge reached out to see if I’d like to try their 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream, I said, “Why the heck not!” Let’s see if in just six short weeks, I, too, can have a perfect neck! ” Whatever the heck that means.

(Ed note: our team is extremely skeptical of “perfect” body part promises, whether it’s thighs, abs, or skin in general. Whose idea of perfect? And why does it have to be perfect? Ahem. Okay, back to Kate’s review.)

That said, when I look in the mirror, the book title that most often comes to mind is Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck…and not in the empowering, uplifting way she intended. Gravity, life, and 20-plus years as a writer and editor looking down at a laptop all day have all taken their toll in the form of wrinkles.

That may not be the most modern, empowered perspective, but you know, I’m being honest here. And we’re all allowed to have feelings about some things that others might think are superficial. Mine is my neck.


I did go ahead and try DefenAge’s 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream for the entire 6 weeks, as instructed, so I could share just how it went, good or bad.

Here goes!

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What is the DefenAge brand?

What is the DefenAge skincare line all about?

DefenAge is a clean beauty line of products focused on anti-aging. (Again, whatever you think about that term, that’s the name of the beauty category for now.)

You may not be familiar with the name DefenAge. I wasn’t. Probably because it’s almost exclusively sold through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and med spas, though you can buy them directly through the DefenAge site.

As a retinol alternative, their products use “defensins” designed to wake up dormant skin cells. This process generates a wound repair response that creates new cells, with the promise of younger-looking skin. (You can watch the video on the homepage for a full explanation.)

It’s an expensive brand; most of the products are over $100. The 6-week Perfection Neck Cream that I tried is $127.

Before you run away, know that you get a significant price break if you set up a free account with them. You might also prefer the starter kit, which costs under $30, and gives you a 2-3 day trial of three of their top products.


How do you use DefenAge 6-week Perfection Neck Cream?

We tried the DefenAge 6-week Perfection Neck Cream. Here's how it went.

What I typically do:

It took some serious dedication on my part to actually repeat this routine every day for six weeks, but I did it so I could give it a proper review.

My typical routine before starting this system had been to wash my face (most days) with drugstore face wash, and occasionally use some eye cream I got as a gift a while ago. I own nothing specifically for my neck, so I had high hopes for great results since this cream promises visual results in 2 weeks and, of course, a “perfect” neck in 6 weeks.

What I did for 6 weeks:

Every day, you apply one pump of the DefenAge cream to your neck and chest area in the morning and the evening. This assumes, of course, that you won’t roll out of bed, grab your coffee, and start immediately into your day … and then fall straight into bed at night, the way I often do.

As for the feel, DefenAge describes the cream as “silky application and smooth luxurious texture that spreads evenly without a sticky texture,” and this is 100% accurate. While it’s designed specifically for the skin on your neck, I had no problem working any residual cream into the backs of my hands for extra moisturizing.

It’s also worth pointing out that there is a lot of product left in the jar after the 6 week routine is completed.


Do you need to buy other products as part of the routine?
A.K.A. What’s the fine print look like?

Use the DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum with the neck cream.

When you click on the “how to use” tab on the DefenAge product page, you’ll notice that the neck cream is described as “step 2.” Hm.

After some searching around the other products, I figured out that the DefenAge 1-step multi cleanse is the first step in this routine. But that’s not all!

Evidently, these two steps should be followed by step 3: the 8-in-1 BioSerum “for best results.” So we’re now talking about three products here, just to be clear.

But do you really need all three?

I would suggest trying the BioSerum. It has a gel-like texture that goes on smoothly, and I didn’t feel like I needed to wash my hands right after, unlike most oily serums. And because it’s also recommended as part of step 3 in the 6-week face regimen, it seemed like it could be important for best results.

As for the cleanser, I just washed my face with my own face wash each day, because as highly-reviewed as the DefenAge might be, I can’t imagine that their $62 cleanser is that much better than my own for my neck, or more important to the routine.

Then I followed with the 6-week Perfection Neck Cream and the BioSerum, morning and night, with the hopes that it would “correct the challenging deep lines, folds, and impacts of gravity on the fragile skin of the neck where aging is often more noticeable.” As they put it.

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After 6 weeks of the DefenAge Perfection Neck Cream…(drumroll) the before and after photos! 

Whoa… look at my neck!

Trying DefenAge 6 Week Neck Perfecting Cream: Before and after photos. Whoa | Full review: Cool Mom Picks

Each of these photos was taken in the same location (an interior bathroom with no windows) with the same lighting and no filters. 


I was totally prepared to try this for 6 weeks, then write that it gave me just a so-so result, and that you shouldn’t waste your money on it. So I’m truly shocked at how well this cream worked to pump out the lines in my neck and chest.

Gah, they were deep when I started and I feel so impressed with how they look by week 6.

Maybe not quite perfection (again, whatever that is) but a pretty remarkable result in my opinion.

But… what about when the 6-week period is over?

I mentioned earlier that I had plenty of cream left in the jar for me to continue using it after the 6 weeks were up. So I decided to see how long the results would last if I didn’t use it every single morning and night, following all the steps.

For 8 additional weeks after the first 6 ended, I’ve used it occasionally. Maybe 2-3 times per week total instead of the recommended twice a day.

My neck, 8 weeks after the DefenAge Perfection Neck Cream with occasional use.

The current status of my neck.

DefensAge Neck Cream results: 8 weeks after stopping the routine | More details: cool mom picks

For comparison — and yes, despite my daily sunscreen ritual, it’s clear we’ve hit summer down South since then

The creases and lines in my neck are definitely more visible than they were at the end of the six-week regimen, but not nearly as deep as the baseline photo before I started.

So I’d say if you want to keep up the results, you’ll want to continue to use the Perfection Neck Cream regularly.


Would I buy it again?

I’m definitely on the frugal side when it comes to skin care and makeup…but this cream works.

While I haven’t yet, I plan to sign up for the free, no-commitment DefenAge membership to get $30 off the price (you can also earn rewards in other ways). That way, I can buy this once or twice a year and keep the routine going.

Or even better, I’ll add it to my Christmas wish list. That way someone else can buy it for me.

If you have any questions, leave them in comments. I’d be happy to answer them!