With school around the corner — which means sports and activities and all the things that keep us all very busy — the challenge of keeping our kids (and ourselves) hydrated is top of mind.

Actually, if I’m being honest, it’s always at the top of my mind.

I’m terrible at remembering to drink water, and while I pack water bottles and sports drinks for my kids, it feels like I’m always telling someone to drink something because if your kids (and you) are like my kids (and me), lack of hydration is not pretty. There are bad moods and headaches and wooziness and a whole lot of other things that we generally try to avoid.

Vitapod makes it so easy to keep your family hydrated, plus get all the vitamins and nutrients they need | sponsor

That’s why I’m so thrilled to tell you about our newest sponsor, Vitapod, who has created a brilliant machine that will help get the vitamins and nutrients your whole family can benefit from – all by pressing a button. (Okay, there’s a tiny bit more involved in that, but generally speaking, that’s pretty much it).

This incredible machine actually filters water ten times better than the most popular filters on the market, then blends a tasty drink, full of vitamins and nutrients with a simple button press. No crazy powders or liquid concentrates or tablets that take forever to dissolve. Just a simple pod (which is totally recyclable, by the way) and a few seconds, and you’ve got a drink everyone will be happy to have in their cup or reusable bottle.

Just take a peek at how easy it is. Even my 10-year old can do it (and full disclosure: she can’t stop talking about the drink and how that’s all she wants for back to school so…)  

The pods were formulated by a team of human health scientists, and are overflowing with vitamins, essential minerals and flavonoids (aka plant antioxidants that protect agains UV radiation and viruses). And get this: none of the pods contain any sugar, except the sports pod which uses sugar to aid recovery.

Instead of buying sports drinks and vitamin-filled waters and chasing your kids around with their water bottles, you can make them all yourself (and a healthier version at that), right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, you can get a handle on your own hydration too. Thanks, Vitapod!

Use Vitapod to help keep your family hydrated | Sponsor

Special offer for Cool Mom Picks readers: Use code CMP10 for $10 Off your Vitapod machine or starter kit, sold exclusively at VitapodWorld.comAnd seriously, huge thanks to Vitapod for making a tricky part of parenting a whole lot easier. 

Top image: By Ashima Pargal on Unsplash