I started browsing all the cool chunky boots for fall 2021 during a rare free moment of downtime this weekend, and wow — leave it to fashionable footwear to get me excited for fall. (And yes, I know we’re a month in but considering I’ve still been able to wear my beloved leather TKEES until last week…well, I’m behind here.)

Some info to help you pick the right chunky boot for you right now:

Search Tips  If you’re searching for “chunky boots” for fall, also search for “lug soles for fall” — the chunky part is mainly referring to the sole, not just the shape of the upper.

Chunky Boot Heights on Trend Right Now: Trends range from low booties to uh, high booties. You can also find loafers with lug soles — Kristen, that’s for you! Knee-high styles are not “in” though IMHO that doesn’t mean they’re out. Wear what you like. If we’ve learned nothing else it’s that.

Chunky boots from Caslon and other styles we love My suede chunky boots from Caslon. More on that below

How to Wear Chunky Boots: Chunky booties look great peeking out of the new longer jeans, over leggings, with midi skirts or dresses (think Courtney Love back in the 90s), or feel free to tuck in the hems of those narrow soft jeans-leggings that we all still love for WFH.  (I can’t quit you, Hue Jeggings!)

Chunky Boots Colors for Fall 2021: The hot colors: Black, brown, tan — all the neutrals. Metallics are also showing, and a few animal prints. Or hey, go bold with a bright teal to amp up a neutral outfit if it makes you happy. That’s what counts in the end.


7 chunky boots for fall 2021 I loooove 


Chunky Chelsea Boots Update a Classic

Chunky boots for fall 2021 from Marc Fisher modernizing the Chelsea boot

Mark Fisher Padmia Chelsea Boot

Adore this blend of the classic Beatle boot with a new chunky lug sole that’s not too high…just enough to give you a little lift. There’s a reason they’re super popular at Nordy right now. Well, the style and the terrific price for a shoe this well-made. Also a huge bargain compared with the fairly comparable Fendi lug sole booties — though if you really want to see what the fashionistas are swooning over right now, wait til you hit my last pick.  ($99.95)


Chunky boots for fall 2021 from Marc Fisher in a chic white with black lug sole

Black is classic and the sueded brown is chic for fall and winter… but who’s the rebel wearing a pair of these chunky boots in white right now? This gal.

(You can’t see but I’m pointing at myself.)


Water-Resistant Chunky Boots

Cute chunky boots for fall 2021: Caslon's Miller lug sole booties with that chic brown accent

Caslon Miller Water-resistant chunky boots

I had never owned Caslon boots until I bought myself a Black Friday special last fall — the Caslon lace-up booties in suede (shown above). Sadly they are no longer available — except win my own closet. I’ll just say there were soooo comfy right out of the box I had to find an alternative from Caslon.

So check out these water-resistant Caslon chunky boots with lug soles, which are a little more fall 2021 with that excellent gorgeous black-brown contrast.  Great example of “utilitarian chic.” (I didn’t make that up, but I think it sounds good.) ($99.95)


Chunky Boots with the Comfort of a Sneaker


Chic chunky boots for fall 2021: ECCO Exostrike are a sneaker-boot hybrid that are equally comfy and stylish

ECCO Exostrike Sneaker Boot

If you’re all about the comfort, but want to upgrade from the sneakers you’ve hardly taken off through the pandemic, I have you covered with these ECCO Gore-Tex sneaker boots. Looks like a boot, feels like a sneaker… sing it with me! The smooth leather upper makes them easily wearable with pretty much anything that isn’t formal wear, and yet that stretchy lining keeps them down to earth. Literally. You can wear them hiking and everything. ($199.95)


The Original Chunky Boots, Made More Modern

Doc Martens classic Jadon boot with a new height and higher lug sole: perfect for fall 2021

Doc Martens Jadon Boots

If you never lost your love for Docs, but haven’t shopped there in a while you’ll be amazed at how many of their classic chunky boots have been updated with higher platforms, chunkier soles, and funky designs. Zappos has a terrific selection of Doc Marten Jadon Boots from the classics to the new matte-finish vegan boots. ($209.95)


Chunky Boots Gone Wind


Stylish chunky boots for fall 2021: Hispanitas Chunky Andes Chelsea Sneaker Boot

Hispanitas Chunky Andes Chelsea Sneaker Boot

If you want to know what’s making my “add to cart” finger extra-itchy right now, it’s these amazing metallic chunky sneaker boots by HIspanitas. That contrast sole! That sexy, curvy shape! That shimmer!

Even if you’re not inclined to take off the yoga pants just yet, these amp up your wardrobe no matter what’s on your legs. Ooh…come to mama.

Note that there aren’t too many left online at Nordstrom, but they do have two other fantastic colors too. ($259.95)

The All-Weather Chunky Boot

Chunky boots for fall/winter 2021: Sorel Jane of Arctic III wedge sole waterproof boots are a terrific 3-season chunky boot!

Sorrell Joan of Arctic III Waterproof Wedge Chelsea Boot

I’ve been a fan of Sorel’s winter boots for so long now and I adore these fun chunky boots that adapt the cult-favorite Joan of Arctic boot with a wedge heel, waterproof upper, and a grippy sole to keep you from slipping around in the rain or (light) snow.

It’s not a snow boot per se, but if you don’t want a massive moon boot or a boot that makes your feet sweat when it’s only flurrying out, this is a cool chunky boot for fall 2021, should winter hit early.

There are two other styles, including a solid black, but I think the contrast of the “sea salt” stretchy insole makes it a little more current.   (Currently on sale for $120-200)


Chunky Boots When Money is No Object

Hot chunky boots for fall: Gucci's Matelasse Platform Combat boots are the choice of every fashionista right now!

Gucci Frances GG Matelassé Platform Combat Boot 

I told you to bear with me and I’d get to the super-hot chunky boot that every fashionista is swooning over for fall/winter 2021…and…drum roll… that would be these outrageous Gucci combat bootst. Or really, their interpretation of a combat boot. Those matelassé chevrons on the supple leather uppers make them so sumptuous, and that double-buckle across the front shield is just amazing.

Hey, if you’d normally invest in some designer little back dress each fall but you’re holding off on black-tie events with Covid, maybe this is your big seasonal splurge instead?  ($1,190)