You¬†Game of Thrones fans are all “Winter is coming!” and when this non-fan (yes, I know) hears it, all it means to me is “Time to buy boots!”¬†And yes, we’ve featured a slew of cool ankle boots already, but if you’re in the market for a new winter boot, then you’ll want to take a peek at the ones I’ve noticed some of¬†our staff sharing with each other through email and Facebook.

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Sorel winter boots for women: Joan of Arctic wedge bootie

So, it all started when Lisa, our Director of Sponsorhips, sent me a link to these Sorel Joan of Arctic wedge boots from Sorel and I was all “WHAT?” Because as long as I’ve known Sorel and loved them — seriously awesome winter boots — they’ve always been super functional to me. You know, a little fur here and there, but nothing I’d wear other than to¬†trek through the snow.

Basically, I thought they were pretty hot. Granted, the earthy brown tone¬†means they¬†not Liz’s style (Hi Liz!) (Liz: Hi Kristen! I’d like them in black, please!) , but I know Liz would want my feet to be warm and cozy in boots that I love, even if she wouldn’t necessarily wear them herself.

She does own other Sorel boots though, and they serve her well braving Brooklyn winters.

Then Lisa got them and was¬†all ,”they’re¬†super comfortable!” along with being stylish and even waterproof. Then my other online friend Amanda shared a photo of herself wearing the very same boots¬†too, and¬†well, now you can see why I can’t stop thinking of them.

But… before I added them to my cart to get all twinsies (or is it tripletsies?) with my friends, I made the mistake — or the brilliant move — of clicking around finding tons of possible alternatives that I’ve featued below.

Sorel winter boots for women: 1964 Premium Canvas

I think these 1964 Sorel Premium Canvas booties are pretty funky. They’re touted as being waterproof, but I’m reading water-resistant in the description, so¬†really, unless you’re going to be trudging through the snow in them (which, do not do that), they’re pretty rad, especially with that on-trend wedge to give you a little lift without looking like you’re wearing heels.

Sorel winter boots for women: Toronto waterproof lace-up bootie

I’m also digging these¬†Sorel Toronto lace-up winter boots, which is styled¬†more like a chukka boot, but with that fabulous wedge heel and waterproof oiled suede. That’s¬†a must here in the soon-to-be snowy Northeast.

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Sorel winter boots for women: Cate the Great

Then I came across¬†the Sorel Cate the Great wedge boot, which is waterproof like the Joan of Arctic wedges, but you know, knee high, which I really like. A lot. Especially if you’ve ever had that awful feeling of snow getting into the tops of your boots and ruining your day until you can get home to change your socks.


At this point, I haven’t decided which pair of Sorel boots¬†I’m going to get, but since it’s about to get hella cold here in a couple of weeks, I need to make my decision soon. Between sitting in cold hockey rinks all winter long for my son’s games, and walking my kids to school everyday, I can easily¬†rationalize a smart purchase like this one.¬†Or um, purchases.