We know that over the last few years in particular, many of us have felt extra activated to help make change in the world. But if we’re honest, engaging in activism can be exhausting and at times, soul sucking.

Well, our good friend, life coach and author Karen Walrond, has a whole lot to share on this exact issue, and what we can do about it.

Karen joins us on this week’s Spawned podcast chatting about her new book The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change Without Losing Your Joy, and we hope you find this discussion as inspiring as we do.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as an activist but are invested in changing the world around you — or you do consider yourself an activist and you’re finding yourself a little burnt out — you’ll be so glad to listen to Karen’s inspiring, illuminating words. And of course, we highly recommend you grab her outstanding new book. . (PS: It makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or to start the new year.)

And as always, make sure to stick around for our Cool Picks of the Week, plus a special Spawned Extra with author Tiffany Schmidt.

You can listen right now to this episode, and make sure you’re a Spawned subscriber so you won’t miss our next episode.

An interview with Karen Walrond about her new book, The Lightmaker's Manifesto


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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown: Highly recommended!

Karen: Brené Brown’s new book, Atlas of the Heart, coming out Nov 30, 2021. (Karen happens to work with her and read an advance copy!)

Liz: WorkLife with Adam Grant, a TED original podcast. Start with the Hank Green episode.

Kristen: Foria CBD oils for intimate moments. Ahem.

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I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas, by Tiffany Schmidt: A fun, YA romance for the holidays [sponsor]

And don’t miss our fun Spawned Extra with author Tiffany Schmidt, whose new, fun YA romance I’m Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas is out now. She’s Kristen’s neighbor (ish), and we’re always happy to promote wonderful women writing wonderful books (as you can tell from this episode). Listen through the end of this episode to hear all about the book and learn more about Tiffany!