Liz and I have a special place in our hearts for storytelling, because that’s how we first met online almost 17 years ago. That can’t be right, can it? We connected through our personal blogs—Mom 101 and Motherhood Uncensored—and the rest is Cool Mom Picks history. But it  wasn’t just about starting this small business. Our stories, and ones from hundreds of other parent bloggers, brought us together during a time when many of us felt terribly alone.

Storytelling has changed a bit, thanks to social media, but it’s always wonderful to see that publishers are supporting anthologies, like Moms Don’t Have Time For Kids, the newest one from author and podcaster Zibby Owens. She joined us recently on Spawned to chat about the power of storytelling, why it’s important for all of us (whether we consider ourselves to be authors or not) to share our stories, and how social media has changed storytelling online, specifically in the parenting space.

Moms Don't Have Time for Kids: By Zibby Owens

We’re always grateful for these podcast recording sessions, because it’s been a difficult two years (and counting) not to mention month, and it’s lovely to be able to have these 30-40 minutes every other week to give our brains a little break and connect with other parents, which… we think is partially why you subscribe and listen to Spawned.

Listen now, and then make sure you’re a subscriber to Spawned on Apple or wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode.

Cool Picks of the Week 

Puffy braided sandals on trend for spring/summer 2022: Gorgeous woven slides from Seychelles in red

Zibby: Loves our own favorite mascara. Great minds!

Kristen: Peacemaker on HBO Max. It’s a fun, very adult romp.

Liz: Braided sandals for spring! So many to choose from.

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