Lately I’ve been on the hunt for the best websites for kids’ consignment clothes and trying to compare them to help me find the best option for my own needs. Buying gently pre-owned clothes is more sustainable, for one thing, plus kids grow so fast! I know that for a lot of parents, it may not be worth investing in full-priced items unless you know they’re  high-quality items you can hand down a few times.

That said, I don’t have time to rifle through every rack in my local Goodwill either. So I’ve taken some time to seek out the best places to buy and sell kids’ consignment clothes online, or as I think of it, thrifting from home. (TFH?)

Buy exactly the kids’ clothing you need, sell the stuff you don’t. Here’s how.

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Top image: Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Comparing the top online kids’ clothing consignment shops:

ThredUp vs Postmark vs and more

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Online kids’ consignment at ThredUp

Kids consignment clothes: ThredUp

ThredUp functions more like a traditional thrift store, in that you buy kids consignment clothes directly from ThredUp warehouses. Which is nice since you don’t have to pay shipping for each item, like with other apps. The pictures of each item aren’t quite as appealing, so you really need to know your brands and what you’re looking for, so use your filters! The brands at ThredUp run the gamut, but you can expect to find lots of mid-tier mall brands and discount labels like Gap Kids, Carter’s, and the Children’s Place.

For big discounts, I recommend checking out the ThredUp under $10 section for both girls and boys.

One thing to keep in mind about ThredUp vs other online consignment shops for kids clothing: The ThredUp “original” retail prices are often inflated, so while you’re saving some money by buying preowned kids clothes here, you’re probably not saving $20 as indicated in the photo above.

In fact, I found a brand new Under Armour shirt, very similar to the one above, and it only cost $4 more than the “reduced” cost here!

As a seller, you  won’t make a ton here their retail prices are so low, but if your main goal is to clear closet space and get some clothes into the hands of parents who could use your hand-me-downs, the ThredUp Clean Out Kits can be helpful. I’ve found it’s a good option particularly when you have more dated clothes that may not generate a lot of interest on the other sites.

Best for: Getting a lot of preowned kids’ clothes at a steep discount.

Pro tip: ThredUp has fantastic sales. Try layering promotions to get the best deal.


Online kids’ consignment at Poshmark

Kids consignment clothes: Poshmark

Poshmark is a popular option for grown-up clothes, but their kid section is pretty terrific as well. If you’re into haggling, this app and website is for you.

You can make offers to sellers if you think the asking price is too high, or you can “like” an item, and sellers will be alerted that you’re interested in an item, even offering to cut you a deal at times. One downside is because you’re purchasing from individual sellers, as with Etsy, you have to pay shipping ($7) for each item purchased. So I tend to use Poshmark for more expensive items like boots or winter coats, where the savings can add up enough to justify the cost of shipping.

You can find some really good deals on decent kids’ clothing brands here like Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, Disney, or if you like high-end brands like what you might find at Nordstrom, that’s here too. You can also find loads of athletic wear or outdoor brands like The North Face and Columbia, labels I love buying used for kids’ clothes since they tend to be durable making the pre-owned versions look nearly new in my experience.

Best for: Slightly higher-end items that justify the cost of shipping.

Pro tip: Bundle multiple pieces from one seller for a discount and to save on shipping. Also, make offers! Don’t assume that the “selling price” is the final price. 

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Online kids’ consignment at Kidizen

Kids consignment clothes: Kidizen

Kidizen is a similar kids consignment shop to Poshmark, in that sellers list individual clothing items and ship from their homes. Unlike Poshmark however, they get to set their own shipping cost — usually less than Poshmark’s $7. Sometimes it’s even free! That said, you can’t make offers below the seller’s asking price, though sellers may offer a discount if you let them know you’re interested in an item.

You can find a lot of the popular mid-level to upscale brands here, like Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Splendid, and 7 for All Mankind,  so if you’re willing to spend a bit more for modern styles, this is a smart online kids consignment shop option for you.

I will say since sellers set their own prices, the level of “deal” you’ll get here really varies, so definitely do your homework and compare prices with originals from the brand website or a department store. For example, these size 8 girls long-sleeved Hanna Andersson pajamas are selling for $20, and you can get similar pajamas brand new from Hanna Anderson for just $29 (reduced from the original $46) because HA has such good sales all the time.

Best for: Saving on shipping, finding mid-level to high-level brands.

Pro tip: Most sellers will offer a discount at Kidizen if you buy multiple items.


Online kids’ consignment at Tea Rewear

Kids consignment clothes: Tea Rewear

Tea Collection is one of my absolute favorite brands, in part because they last so long and you can hand them down easily. However their “heirloom quality” clothes don’t always come cheap, unless you wait for a big sale. So I was thrilled to learn they’re now hosting their own site for Tea brand kids consignment clothes. I’m especially happy to see that such a big company is doing this in part to offset some of the environmental impacts of their products. More of this in the fashion world, please!

Interestingly, Tea Rewear run by Kidizen, and so this consignment site follows the same rules: sellers set their own price and shipping cost.

If you happen to be a seller, you can either consign them here yourself or simply trade them in to Tea Rewear and earn credits you can earn toward your next Tea purchase.

I like that everything on the site is from Tea Collection, so I don’t have to filter by brand or style to find high-quality clothes, and I must add that my kids’ Tea brand items have lasted a lot longer than clothes from big box stores. You really get what you pay for — or in this case, maybe even a little more than what you pay for it.

Best for: Tea Collection devotees who want a bargain when they size up

Pro tip: Exchange your old Tea items and earn $5 per article of clothing toward other used Tea clothes. Also, because Tea changes styles every season, you can grab something that’s several years old and not every other kid in kindergarten will be wearing it (if that matters to you). 


Online kids’ consignment at

Kids consignment clothes: is an online kids consignment shop that’s similar to ThredUp; you send kids clothes directly to them, then buy straight from the website and not individual sellers. It definitely feels more like an actual thrift store experience, and they even describe their audience as a community of thrifters.

I like that Swap has loads of good promotions happening at any given time and that all items are returnable — something that’s not offered on Kidizen or Poshmark. You won’t find too many fashion brands here however. But if Old Navy, Cat & Jack, and Xhilaration are more your speed, you’ll be very happy. (They actually list brands like Adidas and Levi’s under “Kids Premium Brands” right alongside North Face and Ralph Lauren which is…interesting.)

Check out the clearance section if you want some truly amazing deals, like $2-5 per item. If your kids are in a fast-growing phrase and you don’t need something that will last forever, this lets you get that fast fashion, without that high environmental cost of buying everything new.

Best for: Great deals on big box store brands, like Target and Old Navy, especially in the clearance section. It’s also a smart online kids clothing consignment option for shoppers who may want to return items.

Pro tip: Check out their NWT section for nicer items. There isn’t a huge selection, but you just may score.